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Profile, More Than a Liquid Diet

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So, you might have heard this once or twice: at Profile, we create personalized meal plans that are rooted in evidence from top researchers, dietitians, and physicians to help members balance their health and weight loss goals. Pair that with our motivational tracking tools and compassionate one-on-one coachingand you can be one of our thousands of members to find success on their health and wellness journey. But if you are wondering what exactly these "personalized meal plans" entail, we are here to give you some insight!

While we offer a variety of shakes packed with nutrients we believe are essential for optimal health and weight loss, we are so much more than a liquid diet. We offer hundreds of recipes, including creative ways to use Profile shakes and soups! So let's clear up some questions:

1. Does your coaching program include food?

Our formula for weight loss success starts with a custom nutrition plan. The most effective comprehensive behavioral weight management programs target weight loss and behavior change by simplifying the early stage of the nutrition plan to allow coaches and members to learn, develop, and reinforce skills and behaviors. To do this, our program uses a combination of nutritious grocery store foods complemented with Profile foods to provide a nutritionally complete meal plan. As you progress towards your goals, more grocery foods are built into your plan as Profile foods are removed. 

  • In the early phase of Profile, your nutrition plan will most likely include 3-4 Profile Meals. Our Profile Meal options include shakes, soups, drinks, and entrées that are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Members have plenty of choices when it comes to flavors and options – so the meal plan is completely personalized!
  • Many members choose to start their Profile nutrition plan to include Profile Shakes or Soups to make the plan super simple and convenient. As they progress through the next few weeks, many members decide to incorporate more variety by choosing additional entrées and drinks.
  • Throughout your Profile journey, your meal plan will change and adapt with your goals. As you move closer to your goal, many more grocery foods are added to the nutrition plan, but you still have the option to enjoy some of our Profile Meals. Long-term use of Profile Meals has been shown to help with member success so many members decide to incorporate 1-2 Profile Meals as part of their nutrition plan to help with long-term weight maintenance success.

Key takeaway: You will never be strictly limited to a full liquid diet.

2. What are Profile's food options?

Our food is designed to give you the nutrition you need while keeping your taste buds satisfied. We not only offer a variety of bars, shakes, snacks, and more to suit your personal tastes and weight loss plan, but also have chef-inspired and dietitian-approved entrees from Profile Fresh that are conveniently ready-made. All of these options are available to all individuals and are in-store, online, or even delivered right to your doorstep!

Profile Member Abbie G. appreciates the variety of meal options available,

“I’m a picky eater, and there were plenty of options I liked,” she says. “Profile works really hard to make products that people will want to eat."

In addition to the numerous options we provide to ensure you’ll get the nutrition you need through meals you enjoy eating, we also have hundreds of recipes on our blog that are Profile-approved, simple to create, and absolutely delicious. We aren't lying when we say healthy eating has never been easier. 

Key Takeaway: You have a variety of food options at your disposal.

3. What are your favorite Profile-approved recipes?

We have a wide variety of recipes that include creative ways to use Profile shakes and soups. We also have hundreds of recipes created specifically for you to be able to make nutritious choices while still enjoying the food you love and properly fueling your body. Here are some of our fan favorites:

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? No problem! You can enjoy delicious, no-bake sweets using your favorite Profile shakes! 

  1. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
  2. Profile Protein Balls
  3. No-Bake Brownie Bites

Looking for something more savory? Here are our favorite ways to use Profile's Creamy Chicken Soup Mix!

  1. Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits
  2. Garlic Herb Mashed Cauliflower
  3. Low Carb Burger Buns

Can't forget the sides! These healthy and easy to prepare sides go great with all entrees.

  1. Cauliflower BBQ Wings
  2. Grilled Summer Squash
  3. Toasted Sesame Slaw

Check out all of our healthy recipes here.

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