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Nate Malloy: “This Year is About Focused Acceleration.”


Profile’s CEO and Chief Growth Officer Nate Malloy joins Profile Nation to talk about the pace of change at Profile.

New Profile locations are opening every week, the brand is getting attention nationwide and dozens of new health and wellness coaches are being trained each month. The company was an Entrepreneur Magazine Top New Franchise the past two years and 2019 is off to an exciting start! In January, the company broke into the Entrepreneur Franchise 500, rocketing to #164 on the list of the top 500 franchise systems in the United States.

It’s been a banner year for Profile, and Profile Nation sat down with CEO Nate Malloy to get his perspective on the company’s recent growth.

Profile Nation: Let’s start where we always start. What’s on your mind right now?

Malloy: We spent the last year becoming more intentional about delivering the Profile experience. There’s a lot of industry noise around the concept of experience, so Profile decided to dive into it and really understand the value of defining experiences for our key audiences. It’s creating positive conversations across our network and it’s bringing attention to how we serve our members. Changing lives is what this company is all about, and the past year was an opportunity to re-commit to that mission in a lot of different ways.

Profile Nation: Speaking of buzz…there’s this “What’s your word?” theme kicking around social media. If you could choose one word that describes how 2019 will look at Profile, what would it be?

Malloy: I’ve got two words for you. This year is about focused acceleration. Growth is exciting, and we attract franchisees and employees who enjoy being part of an energetic, high-growth company. New ideas and new opportunities pop up every day, and we like it that way. With that type of a culture, we have to listen for consistent themes when we get feedback from our members, owners and employees. That should focus our growth in the right areas so we grow intelligently going forward.

Profile Nation: Some people think about rapid growth and get anxious. What do you say when people ask you if that growth is sustainable?

Malloy: Growth is a challenge and we surround ourselves with people who enjoy that specific challenge. Growth looks different as you scale and we’ve decided to get ahead of the growth curve. Our franchise partners consistently say we offer more support than the largest franchise concepts out there – and that’s coming from experienced, multi-unit franchise owners. It’s a great thing to hear. That feedback shows us we’re headed in the right direction.

Profile Nation: What stood out to you in 2018?

Malloy: A lot stands out. We’ll look back on 2018 as a pivotal time for our brand and our team. I think we’ve chosen some truly high-quality, passionate franchise partners to help us grow this brand. We celebrated 100,000 Lives Changed in December, and those member milestones continue to be the inspiration our team rallies around. We made our core food lines more nutritious while preserving the taste our members love. Plus, the level of commitment from Sanford Health, our parent company, has gotten stronger this year too. Those are the big things that come to mind.

Profile Nation: Can you share anything that Profile members can get excited about in 2019?

Malloy: We started January with a bang by bringing back pizza crusts. We’ll continue to launch new foods this year, but the healthy pizza option was something our members really wanted. We’re also readying a new mobile app for our members, and we know our store teams are excited for that rollout. It was designed from the ground up to strengthen the connection between our members and coaches, and there’s some new tools to keep members engaged, motivated and on plan. We’re also making improvements on how we support healthy pregnancy, and there are a lot of excitement about our direction there. There are a lot of things to be excited about this year and I’m confident that 2019 will be our best year yet!

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