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How to Sync Your New Profile SmartBody Scale

Your wireless, medical-grade SmartBody Scale measures weight, body mass index, body fat, lean mass, hydration and visceral fat! All while syncing directly to your Journey App in real-time.

Getting Started Syncing Your Scale

Step 1

Make sure your phone or device has Bluetooth turned on.

Step 2

Place the scale on a solid surface (not carpet) within a few feet of your phone.

Step 3

Open the Profile Journey App and select the “Scale Icon” in the upper righthand corner.

Step 4

When the “Searching Scalescreen appears, step on the scale.

Step 5

Remain standing while the “Measuring Weight” message is showing.

Step 6

Once the “Completed” message appears, step off the scale.


Your data has been successfully added to the Profile Journey App. Yep, it's as easy as that! Repeat these steps anytime you need to record your weight.

Need further help with Journey app or syncing scale? Contact your local Profile Team or our helpdesk at


Common Smart Scale FAQ's

Q:  How many users does the new scale support? 

A:  Because the new scale uploads the data directly to the users account on the Profile Journey App at the time of the weigh-in, the scale can support unlimited users. 

Q:  Does the scale have to be paired to the phone via Bluetooth in order to work? 

A:  No, it doesn’t have to be paired but the user’s device does need to have Bluetooth enabled.  When the user selects the scale icon within the Profile Journey App, it communicates directly with the scale via Bluetooth and uploads the data.  So the user does not have to pair the device with the scale like they typically would with a Bluetooth device, like a speaker.   

Q:  Does all of the same data get uploaded just like the old scale? 

A:  Yes, all of the same data will be in the member’s account just like before 

Q:  What do I do if I can’t sync my scale to my device? 

A:  First, verify that the scale has good batteries and that you’ve followed all of the steps correctly in the Setup Guide.  If that doesn’t work, contact your Coach or local store for support.  If your store can’t help you they will assist you in escalating the issue to the next level of support.  

Q:  Do I need to be barefoot when stepping on the scale? 

A:  Yes, for all of the measurements to work properly the user needs to be barefoot when stepping on the scale.  

Q:  Can I put my scale on the carpet? 

A:  For the best results the scale should be placed on a flat solid surface.   

Q:  The data does not appear to match the old scale? 

A:  The way this scale calculates some of the measurements is slightly different, so if you used the previous Profile scale and then transition to the Bluetooth scale, the measurements may be slightly different. 

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