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Profile Precise DNA Testing: The Next Level of Personalization

Profile Precise DNA Testing: The Next Level of Personalization

Dr. Stephen Herrmann, Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert, explains Profile Precise DNA Test offered by Profile by Sanford.

Map your DNA to a weight management plan that is uniquely your own and harness the power of your genetics to help you lose weight with Profile’s Precise DNA test

Certified Profile Coaches have always worked to build plans based on each member’s personal nutrition, activity and lifestyle goals. With Profile Precise, you can achieve a new level of personalization and utilize Precision Coaching to help you lose weight throughout your journey and keep it off.

The test itself measures how your genetic makeup influences your body’s ability to burn carbs, which helps your coach create a plan that is unique to your body. What makes Precise particularly useful is the ongoing support your coach can provide to help you put your results into action. When you purchase a Precise DNA test, you take the test, wait six to eight weeks to get your results and, once you receive your results, you work with a coach to implement your results into your Profile plan!

Personal coaching keeps things simple during the first phase of your weight loss journey. As you approach your weight loss goals, your long-term nutrition plan will be based on the genetics of your metabolism and that will help you keep the weight off and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle going forward. Everything Profile does was designed from the ground up by scientists and physicians at Sanford Health to be different. The same goes for Profile Precise. It’s a real game changer and something we are incredibly excited to be able to offer you as you embark on your weight loss journey.

Interested in harnessing the power of genetics to help you lose weight for good?! Contact your local store to purchase a Precise DNA test.

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