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Celebrating Member Success: 4 Profile Members Share Their Stories

Call us party animals if you will, but we love to celebrate here at Profile! Our members strive to make healthy lifestyle changes daily, and we cheer on their wins—big and small. We truly believe a health journey is about so much more than the number on the scale. That’s why we encourage our members to focus on non-scale victories (NSVs) and find a way to celebrate them!

This month, we are going to honor our members by highlighting some of their journeys. To start, here are the stories of four inspiring members who have had many NSVs along the way.

Blake & Lisa

Blake and Lisa joined Profile because they knew it was a program they could tackle together. The couple has made both small and large changes in their life – from going to the gym to keeping hands off the donuts in the break room at work. Together, they are exercising more and making better food choices. Blake was able to improve his health greatly. “From October to January, my A1C went from 6.7 to 6.2 and my cholesterol from 231 to 176,” he said. Lisa set her sights on running a marathon and was able to accomplish it thanks to her healthier habits she learned through Profile.



Since joining Profile, Angie has experienced a total transformation. I am learning that this is a journey and not a diet,” she said. “I am working on self-care. That includes gaining knowledge on nutrition to help me enjoy food and not feel guilty for eating, but know what is best for me to fuel my body.” She’s not afraid to challenge herself now, including taking spin and cardio classes. “I do what I thought I never would do,” she said. “I truly enjoy these classes and the people who help support me on my journey to a better me. I am amazed each time what my body is capable of doing.”



Jennie’s victories on her health journey have been many, from better shopping to sweet moments at the doctor’s office. “It was such a joy to go into a store and actually try clothes on and have fun shopping,” she said. “Before, I would go in and just get a shirt and pair of pants because I had to get some. Now, I can actually be picky on picking out clothes and enjoy shopping.” Jennie visited the doctor and was told the word “obese” was taken off her record. “It was such a great feeling,” she said.


Hear from more of our members on our Success Stories page. If you’re not a Profile member, a coach would love to help you conquer your own NSVs and celebrate with you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Click here to learn how you can meet with a coach for free.

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