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Angie’s Journey: Progress, Not Perfection

Getting healthy can be hard. But so is being overweight. That’s the perspective of Angie Hulzebos, who has lost 80 pounds* and regained her health with Profile. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” Hulzebos said. “Take care of yourself first.”

The additional time, energy and resources it takes to get healthy are worth it in the long run because they replace the resources spent on unhealthy habits. “You are worth it,” she said. “Every minute of time spent on self-care and every penny spent on healthier food options or a fitness membership is worth it.”

Hulzebos, who started Profile after witnessing family and friends experience success on the program, has struggled with her weight since she was young. It got more challenging after having children. Life was complicated but Profile made lifestyle changes simple. “I liked the fact that Profile had a simple plan and coaching which would help with my accountability,” she said. “It was exactly what I needed.”

A Healthier, More Active Life

Besides the weight loss, Hulzebos has experienced significant improvements in her health.

“I used to have horrible acid reflux in which I had to take medication daily for, but since starting Profile I was immediately able to stop taking that medication and do not suffer at all like I used to,” she said. She also used to snore in her sleep and her husband had grown concerned that at times, she would stop breathing. They both sleep better now, she said, and she wakes up feeling rested.

Along with the better rest and more energy, physical activity is an important part of her schedule now. “I love to go for walks with my children and show them that exercise and being active is important in life,” she said. She’s not afraid to challenge herself now, including taking spin and cardio classes. “I do what I thought I never would do,” she said. “I truly enjoy these classes and the people who help support me on my journey to a better me. I am amazed each time what my body is capable of doing.”

A Total Transformation

Since joining Profile, Angie has experienced a total transformation. I am learning that this is a journey and not a diet,” she said. “I am working on self-care. That includes gaining knowledge on food, and nutrition to help me enjoy food and not feel guilty for eating, but know what is best for me to fuel my body.” She still reminds herself that food is fuel, not a reward. “Pick the best fuel to not feel guilty, but be satisfied and healthy,” she said. “I am meal prepping to ensure I am prepared each week to make smart decisions.”

Following the plan and consistently checking in with a coach has been the hallmark of her success. That extra support is so helpful,” she said. “It’s someone to talk to, someone who understands and will not help you justify your struggles, but will keep you grounded on positive things to continue in the right direction and not give up on yourself.” Coaching is important because your friends and family, though well-meaning, might not always point you in the right direction. “Sometimes loved ones or friends will help justify not making the best choices, but having a coach who wants to see you remain committed means they won’t make you feel bad, but will continue to talk about the positives and benefits of making smart decisions,” she said.

At the end of the day, remembering it’s a journey is the goal. Everything I have been through before Profile, now, and even ten years from now, it is all a part of my journey,” she said. “I will always need to be mindful of my weight. One good decision after another leads to a great day, then a week, month and a year, and you can look back and be amazed at the progress you’ve made to a healthier and happier you. It’s progress not perfection.”

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