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From Always Being on a Diet to Making Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

No More Excuses

Jean Benedetto is 58 years old with two wonderful children and an amazing job as a facility coordinator for a high school in her area. One benefit of her job includes free access to a state-of-the-art strength training facility to be used whenever she wanted. She averaged around 10,000 steps by 10 A.M. as she circulated her facility on a daily basis, but she was still struggling to lose weight:

“For the longest time, I would say it was the stubborn baby weight until someone finally asked how old my baby was…and she was 12. I realized I couldn’t use that as an excuse any longer.”

Jean was always be on a diet, trying to lose weight, keeping track of numbers, or just trying to maintain. Loving to cook, her husband would create amazing meals that she felt guilty enjoying because she was calculating the calorie intake:

“Food was never my friend. I would eat less and not eat at regular intervals. I’d skip lunch or breakfast thinking I was helping myself and that's when I realized I needed a change.”

Jean Tries on Her Own

Like so many people do, Jean tried many options for weight loss, one being WW:

“I’m a Type A personality, so the tracking with WW worked for me losing 50 pounds, but I gained most of it back over time.”

Jean also knew how to play the WW game doing just enough to get by or starve herself before weighing in. Adding to her difficulties, Jean’s husband traveled for work and he was always the cook; dinner was easier if it was pizza or fast food:

“Single-parenting while he was gone made keeping the weight off extremely hard.”

Jean also tried a 500 calorie per day option which worked for her as well, but she realized how unhealthy that was:

“The fat came off in places, but it wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t do 500 calories a day for the long term, so I gained the weight back plus more.”

Time for a Change

Jean wanted a change, a sustainable one, so she could be active again. Since her hip replacement the year before, her body was at a good place to try something new. A grandchild on the way and her daughter’s upcoming wedding were also reasons for a change. At 174 pounds, she was at a point where a decision had to be made.

Jean was having a conversation with her son about his remarkable change in weight, health and energy levels; she asked him about this transformation. He shared his experiences with Profile Plan. So, with her son’s obvious success and his testimonial, she and her husband made an appointment for their free consultations and began Profile in March of 2020.

The Profile Difference

Jean realized what she was missing with those other programs, accountability:

“Coaching makes all the difference!”

Her Profile coach, holds her accountable, asking her weekly how she is feeling and if she is dealing with any hurdles. She keeps Jean on her toes by asking about her movement, activity levels, and encouraging her to do more to accent the Profile meal plan. 

Her coach has taught here to be more mindful about her food choices at home and at restaurants. Enjoy seafood or a steak, but add more vegetables. Jean has learned to manage her meal plan for events and special occasions without having guilt. She avoids weight loss sabotage if she goes on a vacation with friends or family because she now has the knowledge of how to jump back on the plan upon returning:

“I can get right back on plan with my shakes, bars and water. It’s easy and my coach is supportive of that! I am not alone in my weight-loss journey."

Her husband, on the plan as well, now cooks according to their customized Profile plans. Jean can enjoy rather than avoid the food he presents. After work, she looks forward to her caramel pecan bar, or another personal favorite, the mocha latte shake mixed with ice cubes, a shot of espresso and iced coffee:

“Who needs Starbucks!?! This recipe makes me feel like I’m having something special.”

The shakes can mimicking normal desserts she enjoys. With those options for Jean, she never feels like she is lacking in flavors.

Changes in Jean

Since March of 2020, Jean has dropped 20 pounds and lost 19.5 inches. She reached her goal of being more active and enjoys walking her dog on a daily basis, and mixing up biking, lifting weights, and the elliptical in her weekly exercise regime. She was unhappy with her shape, experiencing a muffin top and feeling bloated, but now:

“My body has changed. I got my waist back and lost my back fat; I’ve gotten my shape back!”

She is now knowledgeable about food and now considers food her friend; food helped her lose the weight!

Advice From Jean

Profile is easy and easy to maintain:

“Everything is individualized to your lifestyle, and Profile teaches you the skills to be successful.”

Let’s get you started on your lifestyle change!

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