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P-R-O-F-I-L-E yourself.

To kick off National Nutrition Month we’re breaking down Profile so you can better understand what our program means to us and the thousands of individuals who are achieving success every day through the help of Profile.


The plan is one of the most valuable assets to our program. It was developed by the Profile Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of Sanford researchers, physicians ranging from OBGYN to internal medicine, diabetes educators and more. And with this board, we built the plan to be tailored and personalized to fit the weight loss needs of all who join, ensuring a high quality experience that is simple, effective and sustainable.



Profile focuses on setting short-term and long-term weight loss goals for members to see real results. The Profile plan uses three phases to help you lose weight responsibly.

  1. Phase one: a low-carb, high-protein meal plan that puts your body into a state of ketosis, changing the way energy is used in your body.
  2. Phase two: a transition period where you’ll lose weight gradually while working more grocery foods back into your meal plan.
  3. Phase three: a long-term plan for sustaining and managing your weight. A line of great tasting Profile products that are nutritionally formulated to accommodate your plan are a key component to results.



From the beginning, each Profile member will receive one-on-one coaching from a Certified Profile Coach. These individuals go through comprehensive training on nutrition, activity and lifestyle skills to help members get the most out of the program. Coaches answer questions, provide advice and help you address success and struggles. Through weekly meetings with your coach, you will create a relationship that results in accountability and motivation which results in success.



Profile members are achieving weight loss results that open doors of opportunity they never thought possible. Many of these doors lead to physical fitness. From 5k's and Pilates, to playing with their children and grandchildren, Profile is dedicated to making physical activity an everyday part of your life. Check out what a day of meals and activity looks like following the Premium Plan and/or Perform Plan.



Together Profile members have lost over 3,000,000 pounds. Each and every pound of this milestone is an inspiration beyond belief. Our members motivate and inspire one another as well as those around them as they witness the remarkable changes being made. Read from our long list of inspirational member stories and see how Profile helped support so many individuals in their unique health journeys!  



Profile members are extremely proud of the weight they lose, but they’re even more proud of the life they gain! It’s more than changing the way they eat. Profile members are taking control of their health, wellness and lifestyle and discovering strength they never knew they had.



In every coach meeting, Profile members are educated with valuable information and skills that introduce them to nutrition, activity and lifestyle principles they will benefit from the remainder of their lives.

Profile was designed to make weight loss simple and sustainable. Sign up for a FREE consultation to learn more about how Profile can support you through your health and wellness journey.

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