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Halloween Tips & Tricks

Too much candy got you spooked?! Leave the “Food Police” in the scary costume category with these 10 Healthy Halloween Tips.  

Halloween cookies

1. Candy should not hold moral value

Try and reframe ‘good vs bad food’ thoughts. Eating candy does not make you a ‘bad’ person, while avoiding candy does not make you a ‘good’ person.

2. Allow yourself permission to eat candy

Completely restricting yourself from enjoying some Halloween treats is often counterproductive. You may find that giving yourself this permission actually helps you eat less.

3. Use all of your physical and emotional senses

Take in all the senses of the candy – the taste, smells, and texture – and be present in the moment. This may help you savor and appreciate the candy that much more.

4. Listen to your body

Mindfully eating – having the non-judgmental awareness of the complete experience of eating – allows for a healthier relationship with food. When you honor your cravings, you tune into your hunger and fullness cues, while trusting your body’s response.

Want to learn the benefits of mindful eating and how it can help you lose weight? Read more HERE.

5. Kick that guilt conscious to the curb

You don’t need to ‘make up for’ the candy that you eat. Letting compensatory behavior control your diet and lifestyle robs the joy of food and movement.

Sweet treats are not off the table just because your are trying to lose weight. From cookies and ice cream to cake and donuts, we have a hundreds of recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth while also providing healthy nutrients to keep you on track. Visit our Healthy Living Blog to discover a variety of delicious healthy desserts!

6. Give yourself grace

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the overabundance of candy, think of a few things that you find calming and grounding. For example, listen to the new Taylor Swift album, snuggle with your furry friend, or drink a warm cup of tea.

7. Remember balance

Making a plan that allows for balance can keep you feeling confident on your track to health. Staying properly fueled and hydrated can keep you from overindulging, so try not to skip meals or snacks throughout the day.

8. Keep triggers out of constant sight

If you need to put the candy away until the night of Trick or Treating, that’s ok. When it’s go-time, be sure practice the other tips listed here.

9. Consider some Halloween-treat add-ins or alternatives

Pump of the nutritional value by including a source of fruit, vegetables, nuts, or whole grains. For example, add popcorn, almonds, and dried fruit to your dish of M&Ms. Or, make a batch of pumpkin energy bites with peanut butter, oats, pumpkin puree, dates, mini chocolate chips and a little protein powder.

10. Focus on what’s important

There is so much more to Halloween than sweet treats. Think of the fun decorations, creative costumes, carving pumpkins, and time with family and friends. Don’t let the treats be the scariest part of Halloween!8.

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