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Workplace Support Leads to Lasting Weight Loss Results

Sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction to make life-changing decisions. For Diane Shackelford, it was the HR department bringing in Profile for a wellness demo that got the ball rolling.

“My HR department scheduled a demo with Profile,” Diane recalls. “Some people at work started doing it, and I thought maybe if I had some support around me, it might work.”

Nagging Health Concerns Due to Weight

“I had pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, plantar fasciitis, and acid reflux,” says Diane. “I had no energy.”

Diane’s situation is a common one for new Profile members. People often come to Profile because they are looking for a solution to a litany of health issues such as pre-diabetes or diabetes.

In fact, Profile has helped many people take control of their diabetes or aid in diabetes prevention for those at risk. For Diane, with her health coach crafting a custom meal plan for her, she was able to get off her diabetic medication.

“I feel great,” Diane exclaims. “I don’t need medication for my diabetes anymore!”


It Take a Village of Support

Because her HR team’s commitment to workplace health, Diane had a lot of support and a whole squad beside her. Her workplace support, in conjunction with one-on-one health coaching, turned out to be a powerful combination.

“They (your coach) will listen to your problems whether they are weight-related or not,” says Diane. “They help with figuring out what a day’s menu might look like for you. They provide a point of accountability.”


Certified Profile health coaches partner with you to improve your health and wellness, maximize your potential, and help you live life to the fullest—for the long-term! Research has shown that people generally lose 3x more weight when working with a health coach than when trying to lose weight on their own. In fact, health coaching is one of the biggest reasons Profile members on average lose 12% of their body weight within 12 weeks.


Results That Speak for Themselves

Diane lost that 12% and THEN SOME. When she found Profile, Diane was over 200 lbs.

“I lost around 65lbs,” says Diane. “My health has really improved. I don’t need medication for diabetes; my cholesterol is normal, and my blood pressure has normalized. The plantar fasciitis I had for 15 years is resolved.”

It is the little things that become the most impactful.

“I have higher energy,” says Diane. “I don’t avoid the stairs; I don’t avoid activity. Even things as simple as tying your shoes are really impactful. Those are the things that you notice the most.”

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