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Sherri’s Story…The Beginning

Sherri is 57 years old, 32 years married, has three children, nine grandchildren and two Pomeranians. She and her husband enjoy the outdoors and hike the Smoky Mountains at least four times a year. But, at 250 pounds, a Body Mass Index (BMI) at 43.1, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Sherri felt very unhealthy. It was time to whole-heartedly take control of her weight.

Like many, she tried every other diet and was at the point of researching Gastric Bypass and Lap Band surgery UNTIL…her sister told her about Profile and the success her husband’s co-worker was having. This inspired Sherri to start researching Profile Plan, reading success stories and ultimately making the decision to join Profile which she did on March 14, 2019, weighing 250.9 pounds. She was finally committing to improving her health.


Profile’s 1-on-1 Coaching and Those First Few Weeks

Weight-loss programs are not new to Sherri:

“I have tried almost every diet out there but because there really wasn’t any type of structure or accountability, I would gain everything I lost and then some after just a few months.”

According to Sherri, the 1-on-1 coaching is what sets Profile apart from the rest:

“The coaching keeps me accountable and with the knowledge/expertise of each coach, I have learned more about nutrition and being mindful of the foods I eat.”

Sherri admits the first few weeks were challenging, but it only took a couple of weeks for her body to acclimate to the calorie deficit:

“In those first two weeks, I lost nine pounds, and after one month, I was down 19.5 pounds! Seeing the results so quickly into the plan really motivated me to keep going.”

Exercise + Profile = MORE Success

Sherri knew incorporating fitness would be important in her weight-loss journey’s success. With the help of her coach, she was able to do this:

“I already knew exercise is an important part of meeting my health goals and having my coach drive that home to me was exactly what I needed to achieve and maintain my health and wellness goals.”

Beginning Profile, Sherri could only do one minute at a time on the elliptical machine because she would get so winded:

“Fast forward to today, I am exercising at least 4-5 days a week–walking, stationary bike, hand weights, and most recently, utilizing resistance bands to improve my strength and muscle toning.”

Sherri is experiencing more energy walking two miles without joint pain or feeling out of breath.


On-scale and Off-scale Victories

Since starting Profile in March of 2019, Sherri lost 95 pounds, but that wasn't the only thing she was celebrating. Non-scale victories (NSV ) were just as important to her:

“Of course, I love the scale victories, but the non-scale victories have been amazing to celebrate!”


As a result of 95 pounds loss, Sherri is:

  1. Completely taken her off prescription medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol and gout.
  2. Reduced her BMI from 43.1 to 26.6.
  3. Went from a size 18/20 to an 8/10 in clothes.
  4. Now wears medium tops instead of 2X.
  5. Fits into her favorite pearl necklace.
  6. And resized her wedding ring from a 7.5 to 6.

“I no longer shop in the Plus Size department for clothing.” Her shoe size is now a medium width instead of wide: “I can wear knee length boots!!!I have not been able to wear this type of boot since I was a teenager!”


Sherri’s goals have changed throughout her weight-loss journey with Profile. Her initial goal was to reach 170 pounds; she met that in August 2019, only five months after her start with Profile:

“Knowing I was able to accomplish that, I then changed my goal weight to 160 pounds. That goal was met on December 12, 2019. Since then, I have changed my goal to 155 pounds, and I currently weigh 155.4 pounds…ONLY .4 pounds away from my latest goal weight!! My favorite Non-Scale Victory (NSV) is that my husband quit smoking after 40+ years saying my dedication to losing weight and improving my health inspired him to improve his health.”


Advice to Others?

Profile works because it takes the guesswork out of weight loss: “Our health is so important and worth the investment to get a healthier version of yourself!”

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