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A Return to Volleyball with Profile Plan

The High School to College Transition

Sarah’s story may sound familiar to many: Healthy high schooler transitions to unhealthy college student.

During high school, Sarah played competitive volleyball year-round, and in the off-seasons spent her time training:

“I never saw it as exercise, really, because I was just having fun and playing the game.”

Things changed when she went to college:

“When I got to college, I decided to not play, but didn’t add in any other exercise or alter my diet at all. Add that to the stress, shock of becoming an adult, not doing well in school and struggling with anxiety, the weight really piled on.”

Realizing her weight had reached its highest (338.8 pounds), Sarah started talking to her doctor and a dietitian looking for help. She was inundated with information:

“I felt so lost and overwhelmed with all the information. I also felt very disappointed in myself. Here I was, a girl with two degrees, a good job, and all this information, yet I just couldn’t consistently make the changes I needed to.”

Weight-Loss Programs in The Meantime?

Regarding weight-loss programs:

“You name it, I’ve either tried it or researched it extensively.”

Sarah felt the lack of support in those programs made it too easy for her to tell herself, ‘I’ll just restart next week’ or ‘I’ll just quit altogether’. She also felt that though her daily nutrition needs might be customized to her weight and activity level, it just wasn’t personalized to her:

“I felt like a number, just another subscriber.”

And Then Comes…a Profile Recommendation!

After Sarah’s disappointments with her doctor, dietitian and weight-loss programs, she started looking for a change. Her change included a new, supportive and helpful doctor. The two talked about her goal of losing weight and avoiding surgery to do that. Sarah explained her disappointments in her past attempts, and her new doctor recommended Profile:

“I went home that night, booked my consultation for the upcoming Saturday, and got started the following Monday, March 7, 2022.”

Sarah’s Profile Experience…First Three Weeks to Current

Sarah was expecting a difficult time with the transition from her normal eating habits to the new and expected to be hungry, have stomach issues or headaches as she adjusted, but that never happened! Sarah’s first week on Profile, she was tempted at work with a food truck rally, donuts in the office and a birthday party with cake and pizza:

“The initial temptation was there, but the feeling of accomplishment and control I had after passing those things up and staying on plan was so cool! I hadn’t felt that way in a very long time. That gave me confidence to stay on plan during future temptations and to keep working hard.”

Sarah’s first three weeks included:

  • Week 1: Lost 7.6 lbs
  • Week 2: Lost 4.4 lbs
  • Week 3: Lost 6.6 lbs

Those first three weeks created

“the fire I needed to keep going! Now that I’m in Week 21, my average weekly weight loss is about 3.5 lbs.”

Profile and Sarah’s Return to Volleyball

Sarah’s love of volleyball is rekindled; she now plays sand volleyball once a week and will be playing twice a week in the fall:

“I played last Spring but was so much slower and physically hurt for days after. Now, I feel confident on the court and no soreness after playing. Just last week a stranger complimented my playing - I was on top of the world!”

Profile’s BIG Difference From the Others: 1-on-1 Coaching

Sarah emphasizes that Profile’s 1-on-1 coaching is one of, if not the biggest factor in her success:

“I love my coaches! I honestly think of them more as friends because they are so genuine and always hype me up and help celebrate my milestones.”

She enjoys the lessons, specifically the questions that require some self-reflection and goal setting. She has had some times when her personal will power was low, but after meeting with her coach, she felt refocused and ready to keep moving forward:

“Having a coach to keep me accountable, answer my questions, teach me new things, and cheer me on has been so key for my success.”

Successes On and Off-the-Scale

With only five months on Profile, Sarah is completely blown away by her results on the scale. She is down 75 pounds; she is also down 59.2 inches:

“Right now, I am at the lowest weight I’ve been since 2014.”

Off-the-scale, she is enjoying a smaller pant size, shrinking from a size 26 to an 18 and a smaller top size, from a 3X to an XL. The clothes she outgrew are now fitting! Early in the plan, Sarah noticed she no longer got winded walking up stairs, and later, carrying laundry and doing housework became a breeze. Playing with her toddler nephews has become so much more enjoyable:

“A few other fun non-scale-victories are the extra room when I wrap my robe around me, going down a shoe size, being able to comfortably cross my legs, my rings being loose, and BAGGY LEGGINGS which are a good reminder of how far I’ve come.”

Why Has Profile Worked For Sarah?

Sarah thinks it’s a combination of factors. First, she appreciates the predictability and the routine of the foods. The other programs gave too much wiggle room for her lack of impulse control and plethora of excuses to take over. She likes knowing exactly what she’s eating and when, and Profile makes it so easy by being able to pick up everything needed in store or online. Using the Profile app helps her keep track of how much water she’s drinking and when she’s eating; the app lets her plan for the day and stay on that plan:

“I love that it shows me how many days I’ve been on plan - seeing that daily count go up is so satisfying!”

Sarah also speaks highly of the 1-on-1 coaching; she looks forward to her weekly meeting. Even on the weeks when she is struggling or doesn't meet her goals, she still looks forward to her appointment; her coach will help develop a plan to stay on track and remain in a good state of mind to take the next week by storm. There have been more than a few occasions that she thinks about eating something off plan but then thinks, “Hmm, my coach is going to ask how the week went, and I want to honestly say I crushed it!”. Her coaches have been instrumental in helping her plan for special occasions, like weddings or girls’ nights:

“The coaches remember who you are each time you walk in, even just popping in to buy food, and they follow up with you about issues brought up in previous sessions.”

The Profile community has also really helped Sarah, especially when feeling stuck in a rut or needing some inspiration:

“I lived on the Profile members’ Facebook page for the first few weeks, soaking up all of the tips, tricks, encouragement, and success stories. I love being able to see what other people from different walks of life and with different journeys are doing on Profile - what kinds of exercises, what are they making out of the products, what NSVs did they experience. I love that!”

After Sarah’s Message…Considering Profile?

“Just do it! Don’t think about it, don’t come up with reasons why you should wait or why it won’t work for you, just do it!”

Sarah knew she was in it for the long run when she entered her Profile store and was greeted with a welcome sign with her name on it, the warm greeting from Emili and her genuine interest in Sarah as they talked:

“I just knew I made the best decision I ever had for myself. I can honestly say that Profile changed my life by putting me back in control and empowering me to shift my lifestyle and learn to be healthy. Profile made it so simple to start, and I saw results immediately. From there, the momentum just kept building.”

Sarah shares her Instagram @sarahdoesprofile for questions or to see her journey. When she started Profile, she searched for others on the program to get tips, tricks and inspiration.

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