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Top 3 Characteristics of a Profile Coach

Our science-based approach to weight loss has helped over 165,000 members lose more than 2.5 million pounds. Yet when you ask a Profile member who has seen results what the key to their success was, you’ll probably hear, “My Profile Coach.” Our 1-on-1 coaching sessions give members the education and motivation they need to achieve their goals.

We were curious, though, what our members would say the characteristics of a Profile Coach are. So, we went to our Profile Member Group on Facebook and posted, “What are three words that come to mind when describing your Profile coach?” And the responses blew us away! Over 70 members commented with some excellent descriptors.

Through all the comments, three characteristics for a Profile coach rose to the top. Here is what our members said:

A Profile coach is supportive. 

“Caring. Encouraging. Smart. Sweet. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. Priceless. Positive. Supportive. Amazing. Kind. Do we have to pick just 3?!???” – Ben C.

Supportive was the number-one characteristic listed, and that came as no surprise to us! Our main coaching goal is to build a relationship with each member to support them on their unique weight loss journey. A Profile coach is there to listen, address questions, and serve as a positive and supportive influence. Our coaches want to see members succeed in reaching their goals, and they understand that support is a huge part of the process. 

They are encouraging. 

 “Encouraging. Understanding. Helpful! Nice. Knowledgeable. Did I say encouraging?” – Liz M.

The second most-mentioned characteristic of a Profile coach was encouraging. The truth of the matter is, nearly everyone experiences times when their motivation to lose weight dips. A Profile coach wants to help you overcome that, and they will step in as a safety net to understand your needs, offer support, and get you motivated and excited to keep going. Our coaches are known for sending encouraging messages, writing motivational quotes inside a box of food they are shipping, and more.

A Profile coach is knowledgeable. 

“Knowledgeable, Creative, Motivating … I could go on, but it said 3. Much love and respect to my coach.” – Monica H.

Knowledgeable is a critical characteristic! Profile coaches come from various wellness backgrounds, and they must receive and maintain Profile health coach certification. Knowledgeable coaches are then able to educate our members so they can make choices for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. During 1-on-1 appointments, coaches help members through education modules to help build healthy habits.

To see the full list that was shared, check out our Profile Member Group on Facebook.

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