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A Health Screening Leads to Profile

Deidra works for a company that offers health screenings to encourage employees to take advantage of preventive medicine. This is the exact reason Deidra decided to lose weight:

“My company is big on health and offers annual health screenings, so I decided I would lose weight for my upcoming screening. Then, I started gaining weight!”

Because of this gain, Deidra joined a weight-loss program and soon discovered it was not meeting the needs of her current season of life. So, like many, she jumped into another newer program that utilized a personal coach, but this coach did not know how to support her needs and gave her no individual help to guide her through the obstacles she was experiencing. She felt alone in her weight-loss journey.

Finally, in desperation, she remembered:

“My insurance company puts out a list of weight-loss programs. I was scrolling through the list, and I saw Profile Plan, so I did my research, and signed up for a consultation. During the consultation, I discussed my health problems and concerns to which they were able to address each one. On December 13, 2021, I joined Profile at 256.2 pounds."

Issues Before the Start

Deidra explained to Profile about an upcoming surgery in January, 2022 to remove her gallbladder. With this medical condition, Deidra was placed on a customized plan to provide the proper nutrients needed for surgery. Adding to the medical condition, she was starting her weight loss journey right before Christmas when most people gain weight:

“People thought I was crazy for starting Profile right before the holidays, but I was determined to make it work. I lost six pounds over the holiday when many were gaining!”

Deidra also was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2016 and has suffered from high blood pressure since 2012.

She had one other issue needing to be taken into consideration–her love of coffee creamer. In her consultation, she said,

“This may sound stupid, but for me, I need my coffee creamer. You have to figure out how I can include creamer in my plan.”

So, because each plan is individualized to each client, Profile was able to create a plan for Deidra taking into consideration not only her medical conditions, but also to include her beloved creamer:

“I drink eight (8) ounces of coffee with three (3) tablespoons of sugar-free creamer, and it works out perfectly to be my flex food for the day. Problem solved.”

The Difference with Profile: 1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching makes the most difference in Deidra's experiences in weight-loss programs. The 1-on-1 coaching with Profile holds a more personal touch. Previous programs, the coaches never reached deeper into her journey:

“They don’t really look at your actual tracking to see your changes or how you can do something better. It was always just, ‘How are you doing this week?’ without any advice, ideas, etc.”

With Profile, it’s a different story:

“My coach pulls up my food tracking, weight loss, graphs, and macros. We go over my food, and I try to be very specific in my food tracker for her. For example, I tell her exactly what I put into my 15 gram shake so she has a better idea of my food intake.”

Deidra and her coach talk about goals for the week and set new ones. They review the learning modules, and she teaches Deidra how to read nutrition labels. When Deidra is struggling, she provides ideas to help overcome those obstacles:

“I got tired of cooking lunch. I’m cooking lunch and dinner; I don’t want to cook all the time. My coach listened and worked with me by going through my nutrition. We balanced my food throughout the day, so I could hit all of my protein, carbs and fats. So, instead of cooking lunch, she said I could have a shake and create a salad with my two cups of veggies and a reduced-fat cheese. There it was: no cooking, a grab and go lunch!”

Deidra also uses her coach past her 30 minute visit each week:

“I can talk to her anytime. If I’m going to a restaurant, she helps me figure out what I can eat to stay on my personal plan. She sends me ideas that help map out my week. Having Jane has been absolutely amazing because she is not afraid to give me tough love with comments like, ‘You went over your carbs every day this week’. I need and appreciate honesty, and she gives it to me.”

Profile + Exercise = Date Night with Husband

Deidra is sure to incorporate exercise into her weight-loss program. She jumps rope and hula hoops! She also started walking upon joining Profile, but felt she needed more. She is excited about her membership to a health club where she and her husband can attend together. This particular gym has various levels of fitness programs, and the prices of each vary. She can be on one that suits her needs while her husband can be a part of another:

“We go work out together and have a date. That was something we used to do before the baby, and now, because of the daycare available there, we can do it again. My Profile coach was so excited about my gym membership that she gave me a circuit plan to do while there!”

On and Off-the-Scale Successes

When Deidra started Profile on December 13, 2021, she weighed 256.2 pounds. Currently, she is down 25.2 pounds. She is diligently following her individual plan to lose an additional 36 pounds to reach her first goal of 195; she has no doubt that goal will be reached.

Deidra's off-the-scale success includes decreasing her blood pressure from 120/80 to 114/74 resulting in her doctor cutting her medication in half. Her body mass index (BMI) dropped from 45.7 to 40.8, and she has a loss of 13 inches. Ten of those inches were from around her waist which helped her drop from a size 22 in clothes to a 16/18:

“Once I started losing weight, I decluttered my closet and bought new closet organizers. Now, it is so fun to go into my closet and find something to wear.”

Deidra's energy level has risen; she now has the energy to get on the floor and play with her son without feeling so uncomfortable getting down and getting back up. She no longer has a double chin, and she’s looking more slim:

“I’ll catch a glimpse of myself and think ‘I'm skinny today’.”

Pointers From Deidra

“Have someone who will dive into this with you, and a Profile coach will do this.”

Deidra is excited about Profile because it’s not a one-size-fits-all program:

“Profile has worked for me because it is more specialized to me. It took under consideration my medical conditions and created my personal plan.”

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