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Hear What Weight Loss Victories these 13 Profile Members are Celebrating

The celebration of our Profile members continues! We went to our Profile Member Group on Facebook (check it out here if you haven’t already) earlier this month to ask our members what NSVs (non-scale victories) they are celebrating. At Profile, we believe there is so much more to losing weight than a number on a scale. That is why we have our members focus on the NSVs they are seeing as they make healthy lifestyle changes.

Cheers to our members who shared their awesome NSVs below. Here is what they are celebrating:

Feeling oh-so-fine in their clothing.

  • I’m wearing WAY smaller clothes. My daughter told me to get a bikini this summer … not sure about that, but I will take it! – Sheila S.
  • Feeling comfortable in my clothes! – Sarah M.
  • My motorcycle boots zip and are loose! – Lexi S.

Seeing physical health improvements.

  • Reduced meds and my blood pressure is much better. – Sherri C.
  • No more daily migraines! – Megan M.
  • Reduced BP meds and I no longer have obstructive sleep apnea. – Monica W.

Catching extra Zzzs and feeling extra zesty.

  • Sleeping better and all the energy I have! Exercising is also getting easier! – Kristen D.
  • I’m sleeping better and I have more energy. This is the healthiest I can remember being in my adult life. – Katie Y.
  • More energy, less exhaustion, and I just feel better overall! – Jenny C.

Upping their fitness game.

  • I just went on a 3-mile walk in shorts with no chafing! – Rachel B.
  • I’m getting at least 10K steps every day. I’ve upped my resistance training and I’m staying focused on the strength I’m gaining versus the number on the scale. – Jackie B.

It’s becoming a family affair.

  • My 14-year-old daughter shares in my success and is so encouraging. She is my biggest fan and supporter. She is actually going to do my boot camp workouts with me at 5 a.m. – Kristi E.

Having too many NSVs to list!

  • I can cross my legs comfortably. I don’t get out of breath going up steps. I can hike trails without stopping to catch my breath. I can see my feet looking down and not having to bend over. A normal-sized towel now fits around me. The list goes on and on! – Sherri C.
  • My wedding ring fits! I can fit into folding chairs and theater seats. I have more than enough energy to complete the list of things I have to do and still lots of energy to do the things I enjoy. Working out with my kids; and I can play tennis with my kids. Just to name a few. – Monica W.

Are you ready to make a healthy lifestyle change and celebrate NSVs along the way? We’d love to meet with you and share how Profile can make it happen. Click here to schedule a free coaching session.


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