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Finally Getting Her Dream Job: Emily, Profile Health & Wellness Coach

We sat down with Emily, one of our many wonderful Health and Wellness Coaches, to get her perspective on what it's been like working as a Coach here at Profile. Emily has been with Profile for three years and is now the Cincinnati Store Operations Manager. She believes that being a Profile Coach was one of the best things to happen to her because she gets to change lives every day. 

Continue reading Emily's journey with Profile.


What is Your Background?

Emily is from North Dakota and graduated in 2017 with her degree in biology with a concentration in genetics from NDSU.


When Did You Start with Profile?

She started at Profile as a part-time associate coach in West Fargo, ND in 2019 and enjoyed her time in North Dakota, but was open to relocating for other Profile job opportunities. She is now the Store Operations Manager in Cincinnati, OH.  


Why Do You Love Being a Profile Coach?

There are so many reasons why she loves being a Profile coach, but being able to be a part of someone’s journey as they change their entire life is the most rewarding. Emily said,

“I get to see members start their journeys feeling hopeless, lethargic, and in pain. Then I get to see them a year later, and they are a completely different person, energetic and happy. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”


How Many Lives Have You Impacted?

Emily has helped nearly 500 members change their lives. As a coach, she has about 70 appointments a week! She has been able to help members embrace a lifestyle change, and realize that the journey is not only about the number on the scale.


What Has Been Your Greatest Experience While Working at Profile?

Her greatest achievements are when her members hit their milestones.

“I’m on top of the world with them, celebrating their milestones and NSVs.”


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