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Profile Delivers Real Weight Loss Results. We Promise.

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Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert Steve Herrmann, PhD, outlines why Profile is launching the Profile Promise.

This January, we are launching the Profile Promise. Profile spends every day Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time, and the Promise is a new way of making a commitment with our members. The Promise is backed by real research, real results and real one-on-one support from dedicated coaches.

The Profile Promise is pretty simple. The Profile promise is essentially a handshake agreement that we’ll help every member set and meet goals. If the concepts behind the Profile Promise matter to you, then it’s important to understand Profile’s “Done with Diets” mantra.

Profile is a non-profit, mission-driven organization that is swimming upstream against the massive, decades-old American diet culture filled with noise, misleading information and broken promises.

Americans have caught on. Fortune recently published results of poll conducted by Survey Monkey. They found that 77% of Americans are actively trying to eat healthy, but only 19% say they are on a diet. That’s why Profile says, “When you’re done with diets, choose Profile.”

The Profile Promise is about letting everyone know that a Profile membership means being done with fads and gimmicks. We’re not the eat-all-the-bacon-you want plan. We’re not creating a one-size-fits-all bandwagon. Profile by Sanford is part of Sanford Health’s innovation accelerator, and we’re developing the solution to yo-yo weight loss.

The Research behind the Profile Promise

The Profile Promise makes it clear that members will lose at least 15% of their body weight within 12 months. Let’s make that real. If a member’s starting weight is 215 pounds, we Promise that person will lose at least 32 pounds.

We wouldn’t be able to make that Promise without doing our homework. There’s plenty of science behind how we built Profile. Physicians and researchers at Sanford Health designed our easy-to-follow nutrition plans. Our team has built what we believe is an industry-leading, best-practice approach to nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching. We’ve done it all with the help of a team of people dedicated to the work of making healthy lifestyle change simple.

(If you haven’t heard of Sanford Research, read about Sanford’s progress on next-generation treatment and cures. The work we do at Sanford Research was recently honored by the Vatican. I’d love to tell you about the exciting things ahead for our research into weight loss and genetics, but I’ll have to save that for another blog).

There is so much research and science behind what we do, I could literally talk about the science behind Profile all day. In fact, if you want to talk about it, send me an email. Not everyone gets as excited about the science as I do, so let’s turn our attention to results.

Diets Don’t Work, Profile Does

Results speak for themselves. Our most successful members know that there’s more to Profile than the data that syncs from your Profile Smart Body Scale. Profile is different, which is why our members experience real results.

We can make the Profile Promise to our members because we know Profile works. Built into our Promise is a personal pact that members will attend at least 20 coaching appointments and work with a coach to help check all the boxes built into their personal plan.

Our Promise says members will lose at least 15% of their body weight. That’s the minimum, not a maximum. We believe any goal is within reach when a member works with a Certified Profile Coach and trusts in your individual plan. We’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you celebrate all the non-scale victories, too.

Since there’s real science behind what we do, Profile is confident in what we say. We know skeptics will immediately ask: “What happens if I don’t lose 15% of my body weight?” Here’s our answer: “You won’t pay for another membership until you reach that goal.”

Profile by Sanford is Rooting for You

We chose the word promise because honest people keep promises to one another. Through good times and bad, a personal promise has staying power. The Profile Promise is built on our commitment to the human element of everyone’s unique path to success.

The Profile Promise comes with our commitment to provide ongoing support. Attending regular one-on-one meetings with a Profile Coach helps you focus on your goals and understand your plan. Once you reach a challenging part of your journey, know that you can lean on a Certified Profile Coach to be your guide.

You may have only have one coach. You may choose to visit a different coach each time you attend an appointment. Either way, when you talk one-on-one with anyone at Profile, know that all 300+ Profile employees are cheering you on!

(Stephen Herrmann, PhD, is Senior Director of Operations for Profile by Sanford. He does a bunch of other important stuff, too. In fact, he does so much it’s hard to explain in a short biography. When we write a blog about all that other stuff, we’ll update this post with a link. For now, think of him as Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert.)

(For full details about the Profile Promise,  join Profile by Sanford and either talk with a Profile Coach or read our terms and conditions).

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