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Motivated by a Photograph

Numbers OFF the Charts! 

In April of 2019, Bob was celebrating nine months of sobriety, but felt his effort towards a healthier mind, body and soul was not yet complete. He currently had therapy for his mind, AA for his soul, but felt his overall health needed attention. After a trip to Florida with friends, Bob finally made the decision to tackle his health.

The vacation was amazing as the group reunited to share memories by looking through pictures from their trip. But, when Bob came across a photo of himself, he became distraught. This picture was a mirror into the person he had become:

“I was, like, ‘Oh My Gosh!’ I have this big belly. I didn't like the way I looked. I really didn’t like the way I felt, and I was starting to wear 2XL shirts.”

Bob decided that now was the time to act and make some changes. He started doing research into how he could get his weight under control. At 5'10", 240 pounds, and his cholesterol climbing to 250, Bob realized: 

"My numbers are off the charts!"

Though weight was an obvious issue, he also needed to take into consideration a few other issues such as his PTSD and his drug and alcohol addiction.

Bob's Research 

Bob found a few options, but none impressed him. In his desperation, Bob was considering draining his savings and starting Medifast, but he decided to first talk this option over with a friend, and that conversation was monumental in his decision-making process.

Bob's friend said absolutely "NO" to Medifast and suggested Profile Plan. Bob immediately called Profile and explained his doubts and concerns. Profile took control right away saying: 

"Oh my gosh, Bob, we are so glad you called! How about we do this...."

Profile offered a much more reasonable individualized plan, with 1-on-1 coaching and no pressure attached. To set Bob more at ease, Profile explained medical professions created the program and the next day, Bob began his journey.

"What's Your Why?"

Bob opened his heart to the process and told his coach everything: his family’s unhealthy struggle with obesity and addictions and his own struggle with those. He explained the game he played with drugs and food:

“I would use drugs to keep my weight down, but with that, I would get really bad sugar cravings, so I would want sugar–sugar and drugs, sugar and drugs. Every time I would stop the drugs, my weight would rise which is why I ballooned up to 240 pounds.”  

Bob then realized he never wanted to be that guy again:

“With nine months of sobriety under my belt, the fog cleared. I could now ask myself, ‘Who am I going to be now as sober Bob?’”

He is grateful for Profile because it taught him how to properly take care of his body.  

The First Few Weeks and 1-on-1 Coaching

Bob admits the first few weeks were tough, but:

“losing 8 pounds in one week is a really good motivator. When you get that kind of motivation, week 2 isn’t that hard. The plan was in front of me to follow, help was only a phone call away, and I had coaches waiting for me every Friday morning.”

The 1-1 coaching was #1 in his success with Profile because he needed a weekly check in for accountability. To keep Bob accountable his coach, Sam, asked him to keep a food journal:

“I went crazy with food journaling so I could show Sam what I had done. I kept a food journal for 175 weeks, and I have every one of those sheets in a binder.”

Sam also kept Bob accountable by asking him about his intentions for the upcoming week, asking him to name three things he was going to focus on for himself, whether that be more exercise, water, lunch foods for the week, walking…Bob put into words his goals for the coming week. If Bob would self-sabotage, Sam would talk him through it:

“If I didn't have coaching, I would not have succeeded. I had someone who believed in me when I couldn’t; I needed someone to believe in me until I could believe in myself.”

Results On and Off the Scale

Lower Numbers:

As a result of Profile, Bob dropped from 240 to 175 pounds, a loss of 65 pounds. The success continued as his BMI fell from over 35 to below 25, and cholesterol dropping from 250 to a low of 199. As he was entering Profile, he was wearing a 2XL shirt, and he is now a Medium. His pant size started at a 38 and dropped to a 32.  

Facebook Friends:

Bob speaks highly about Profile’s Facebook page and how that is used to learn from each other:

“I am a scroller and will comment and give my opinions. I post my milestones and use the page for motivation.”

Through others’ struggles, he remembers his own and uses that as an advantage to avoid any old habits resurfacing. He also uses these opportunities to lift others up by sharing his experiences. He enjoys using the Facebook page to celebrate others’ successes, share recipes and tips and tricks. 


Bob discovered Freeletics which is an app that gives a daily set of exercises. He follows this app three days a week and walks three other days of the week.  

Profile Food:

Bob currently has one Profile shake a day:

“I have done the research. You will not find a shake as inexpensive and nutritious as Profile.”

He also keeps the creamy chicken soup in his house, so if he gets sick, he pulls that out instead of a canned version. 


Wondering About Profile Plan?

“If you are ready to make that investment in yourself, go all in. Do it for you. Listen and do everything they tell you to do. Put this first in your life; you are doing it for you because you are worth it! You will thank yourself when you land on the other side of this.” 

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