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Amanda before and after

Unable to Climb the Stairs, to High Impact Zumba Instructor

Aha! The Moment for Amanda 

After her third child, Amanda Carpick was faced with her heaviest weight of 329 pounds. She had no energy, was to the point of exhaustion, frequently experienced knee and back pain, and blood pressure was climbing. On top of all that, at her yearly physical exam, Amanda was diagnosed with high cholesterol. 

Her doctor recommended cholesterol medication, but since she was nursing her youngest child at the time, she thought that may not be a good fit for her. In desperation, she asked if there were any other alternatives, and that's when her doctor recommended Profile. 


The New Program in Town

After her doctor's suggestion, Amanda decided to see what Profile Plan could do for her. Previously she had tried Weight Watchers but did not like the meetings where she felt compared and judged.

“Weight Watchers is not a program where I felt accountable, and I do NOT like counting."

She also tried the South Beach Diet and My Fitness Pal, but both were difficult for her to sustain long-term.

Being in healthcare herself, she was encouraged that Profile was developed by medical professionals and felt this was the "big seller" for her. She also appreciated that it catered to her personal needs, for example, it took into consideration her new baby and customized a plan around her nursing. 

"Being individualized to my situation is probably the biggest thing to me because it's not a one-size-fits-all program."


Three Addends in Amanda's Weight Loss Equation


1-1 Coaching

When looking back to her previous attempts at losing weight, one factor Amanda found missing in all of those was the 1-1 coaching. According to Amanda, 

"The coaching is individualized to my situation. There is no comparison or competition." 

Her coach is most helpful to her when making transitions from phase to phase within the Profile nutrition plan. 


An Easy-to-Follow Meal Plan

Amanda speaks highly of the Profile food options; she like the shakes and bars. Contrary to the point counting method before, she says, 

"Profile is already figured out and easy to follow, and I like the phases."

She admits she's not too creative in the kitchen, but she has a couple of favorites in her recipe box. She likes adding spinach, berry vegetable powder, and ice to her chocolate brownie protein shake. When craving a hamburger, she can successfully make a bun with the Profile chicken soup and pancake mix! 


1-1 Coaching + Profile Food +Exercise

After being on the program for 1.5 years, Amanda reached a plateau, and as a result, she added exercise to her weight loss equation. She started walking, jogging, rowing, and then found a gym where she discovered her passion, high-impact ZUMBA. She is now a ZUMBA instructor! 

"My life has become Profile and ZUMBA. I am at my lowest, 207lbs, a loss of 122lbs, and I want to lose another 30lbs. When I get there, I may look at another 20." 


Equals: "I am a Much Better Version of Myself."

Amanda's weight loss journey with Profile Plan in 2017 began at 329lbs, wearing a size 3X shirt and size 26 pants. Currently, as of May 2022, she weighs 207lbs, wearing a size Large shirt, and size 12-14 pants. She no longer feels like she is hiding in her clothes.

Regarding her high cholesterol, after only 5 months on Profile, 

"I am not even at the risk level anymore, not even borderline...just normal!"

Amanda is adamant that her family does not fall into her history of high cholesterol saying confidently, 

"I kind of feel like I've changed that cycle. Broccoli is normal in our household; vegetables are part of our routine."


Considering Profile?

Amanda says,

"If you're ready for a lifestyle change and hold a desire to improve the quality of your life, choose Profile Plan. Give yourself the energy."

For Amanda, there is no before and after; there is only "before and to be continued!"


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