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Flex your Freedom!

Flex your Freedom!

Happy Independence Day!

4th of July weekend is full of excitement, memories and patriotism! Flex your freedom, the Profile way, with an active, healthy and safe Holiday weekend. Be sure to visit with your coach this week about your strategy to stay on plan and committed to success. Create a challenging activity regimen to ensure you're moving through the weekend. Get creative and festive with recipes that follow the phase you're currently in and find other rewarding and healthy ways to enjoy the weekend through non-food and alcohol related activities such as yard games, water or pool activities and of course- getting plenty of water in with a patriotic twist!

As you're enjoying the sunshine and outdoors, don't forget to apply (and re-apply) your sunscreen! Staying hydrated with plenty of water will also help keep your body and skin cool and protected in the heat.

We're sharing some of our Profile team's favorite recipes and activities to enjoy this weekend! Happy 4th of July from us all and God Bless America!

Festive Food & Drink

Give your veggie platter a patriotic flare with this flag inspired presentation!
The grills will be firing- be sure to add plenty of fresh veggies & protein!

Nothing says Americana like a juicy hamburger fresh off the grill! Try this reboot-friendly version with sliced egg plant as a bun alternative!

Deviled eggs that Uncle Sam would approve of.
Adapt and Sustain members can cool off with this nutritious and delightful dessert!

Sugar-Free Jello and Cool Whip to the rescue! An all-phase friendly treat.

Add star shaped fruit to homemade popsicle molds (we recommend using the new Profile water enhancers!).

Use the Profile Balsamic dressing as a flavorful marinade to your flank steak roll-ups!
Sparkling Green Tea Energizer = 16oz plain sparkling water + Pomegranate Green Tea Drink Enhancer (pour sparkling water into tall glass, pour green tea powder and stir until blended, add ice and enjoy!)

Cranberry Limeade = 1 package Cranberry Grape Fruit Drink + 2 Tbsp Lime Juice + 8-10oz sparkling water

Cool Colada = 1 package Vanilla Shake + ½ tsp Sugar-free Banana Pudding Mix + ¼ tsp pineapple extract + ¼ tsp coconut extract + 8-10oz. water

Bahama Mama Shake = 1 package Orange Fruit Drink + ¼ tsp pineapple extract + ¼ tsp rum extract + ¼ tsp coconut extract + 8-10oz. water