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The Best Vegetables for Your Health (According to Nutritionists)

At Profile, one of our goals is to help educate others on living a healthier lifestyle. From showing members how to eat better to building sustainable habits, our certified coaches and registered dietitians are here to help change lives every day.

Healthy vegetables nutritionists wish you’d eat regularly

Recently, our Lead Dietitian, Alyssa Burnison, was featured on Fox News, where she talks about the best vegetables for your health. Of course, we believe all vegetables are good for health, but these are some of our favorites. Here is her go-to:


“A bit messy, but well worth the cleanup. "Beets contain the antioxidant betalains, which give red beetroots their natural, vibrant red color. Beetroots are also a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium and iron," says Alyssa Burnison, MS, RD, LN, of "Given the antioxidant properties of betalains, they can protect our cells against DNA damage and provide anti-cancer properties," she adds, pointing to this research.”


Interested in learning more? Click here to read the full article on Fox News.

Taking your veggies to the next level

Did you know there are more varieties of vegetables in the world than nearly all other food sources? If you need scientific evidence to eat more vegetables consider this: Vegetables are a key factor in promoting long-term maintenance of a healthy weight. But we get it, eating veggies can sometimes be monotonous. If you are looking to find more ways to add vegetables to your meals, read our 13 tips + recipes and bring your veggies to the next level, Profile style!

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