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5 Ways to Support Your Significant Other’s Weight Loss

5 Ways to Support Your Significant Other’s Weight Loss

Profile Coach Kimberly Henderson shares 5 helpful ways a couple can join forces to conquer their weight loss goals and see lasting results that will take them into a healthier future together.

If you and your better half both want to lose weight, there are many advantages to making the journey to a healthy lifestyle together. Here are FIVE ways you can start supporting each other in your progress towards healthy lifestyle changes today:

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

There is a reason this is the first point and I stressed it three times. It’s by far the most important – if you don’t communicate clearly with one another, this will be a difficult journey.

Be open to having hard conversations so you can find out what your significant other’s goals and challenges are, and you can share yours. Talk about the best ways to support and encourage one another. Also, chat about things that aren’t helpful and should be avoided.

For example:

  • Please don’t call me out if I decide to enjoy a cookie. Instead, can you not buy or make cookies and get me a healthier snack option?
  • The best motivator for me to workout is if you exercise alongside me.

2. It’s a delicate balance.

Losing weight together means you have an in-home support system, but it also means that you have the power to derail one another. Recognize that one of you may have to support the other more heavily and vice versa. Keep your open communication going and remember there is a time and place for everything. For example, if you know your spouse had a stressful day, getting on them about a missed workout probably isn’t going to encourage them.

You will learn things about your spouse you didn’t know before. For instance, they may share their weight loss hangups. When you know this information, make sure you respect it. For example, your spouse struggles with their sweet tooth and they had the courage to tell you that as much as they love your baking it can be a downfall for them. Take that to heart and make sure your treats are healthy snacks that won’t sabotage their weight loss goals.

3. Be on the same page.

Once again, this goes back to the first point. Alignment is KEY! Make sure you know each other’s goals and align your actions to them. If you are the primary cook, prepare healthy, delicious meals. Don’t buy food at the grocery store your significant other is trying to avoid. Be polite and don’t eat those foods in front of them.

Also, make your activity plans together so you can be on the same page. If going to the gym together works for you, great. If you’re not able to work out together though, that’s okay. Just make sure each of you is getting that time in and support one another in that. My tip for this is using Google calendar! You’ll be able to see what time your spouse is working out and plan your day accordingly.

4. Challenge each other!

When you know each other’s hangups, you can think of creative, fun ways to overcome them. If one of you isn’t great about your water intake, try a water challenge! Every day you reach your required water intake, wager $1 of ‘fun money.’

If you often reward yourself with food, do a monetary reward towards an end goal. Plan a fun trip to a destination of your choice. Set your goals and when you make them together, reward yourselves with money to go towards your trip.

5. Join Profile together.

Add to your support system by joining Profile together! Enjoy easy-to-follow meal plans, delicious, nutritious food, and guidance and support from a Certified Profile Coach. My tip is to mix up your coaching appointment. Attend some coaching appointments together and do some one-on-one.

Ready to conquer this weight loss journey together? We’re ready to help make it possible! Click here to book a free, no obligation one-on-one consultation with a Profile coach to learn how you can take small steps towards being a healthier couple!