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Profile Basic Membership: A Day in the Life

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When it comes to diets, I’ve been around the block. Keto, Weight Watchers, “Do it Yourself” or DIY, the Mediterranean diet, name it, I’ve tried it.  Some of these I’ve even done multiple times with pretty much the same results. Initial weight loss but not much success down the road; you get the picture. 


Every weight loss plan out there has benefits, for sure, but the common thread seems to be that programs are missing key pieces to help me make changes that last (and stick to it?).  Some have weak nutrition education, lack of sustainability, or unrealistic meal plans, or, in the case of DIY, there is no suitable tracking tool, or you have to find a way to cobble together some sort of tracking on your own. It’s doable on your own, but you’re not likely to have the long-term success you’re looking for. 


For someone like me, the “king of excuses,” education and trackability are key. I mean, I can be DIY to an extent, and that vibe definitely appeals to me, but I need a solid platform to make it happen and keep me going. But also a platform that offers educational modules that really get to the heart of what it takes to turn your life around and get healthy.


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The Profile Basic Membership

So when I found the Profile by Sanford Basic Program, I was stoked! It had all of the tools I was looking for but with the feeling that I actually could make this happen. Of course, at some point during my first week, I questioned everything and almost threw in the towel (Because that’s what I always do on a diet plan). But then I noticed something. Eating the Profile foods did not leave me hungry. I felt satisfied during the day and balanced my plan with some meals from the grocery store. And... want in on a little secret? Those Profile foods taste good. And using the Profile Journey app made it super convenient to track all of my foods and follow my meal plan. 


Now I’m on week 4 of the Profile Basic Membership, which means I’m starting to dial in on my exercise routine. As a big dude, I decided to start with 20-minute walks. Something nice and easy that I could stick to, yet challenging depending on my route and how fast I go. Soon I’ll work up to jogging when it feels right!


A Day in the Life of a Profile Basic Member

As I write this before bed, here’s how my day went today. It’s pretty typical of a normal day as a Profile member. 


I woke up around 5:45 AM. As I was getting ready for my walk, I checked the Profile Facebook member group for inspiration. It helps to know that many others are trying to do the same thing as me. I see a post that says, “You don’t have to start over if you never stop.” That’s all the motivation I need.


On my way out the door, I stepped on the Profile Smart Scale, which syncs with the Journey App. The scale measures weight but also BMI, body fat, bone mass, and more. The scale is truly an accountability partner. 


It’s a steamy, humid morning, so I commit myself to walking for 15 minutes, giving myself the option to go further if I’m feeling like it. My Apple watch syncs right to the Profile Journey App, so I get that set, turn on some tunes, and lace-up my shoes. I love being able to see my progress in the Profile App. It keeps all of my health journey stuff in one place that way. 


I wanted to give up at some point in the walk, but then I saw a cat in my path. Maybe it was the endorphins or maybe I was delirious from the heat, but I SWEAR that cat gave me a nod of affirmation to keep going! Either way, I took it as a sign to keep moving so I ended up walking a full 30 minutes. 


When I got back home, I made steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast washed down with a Vanilla Cake Batter Protein Shake. *and got a message back from my coach with a recipe she promised would make brussel sprouts taste delicious.* One of the great things about the Journey App is that it will give me suggestions of what to eat. So I can select “Meal 1,” and it will give me a list of foods that fit right into my plan. And then I can track those foods right then and there. 


Food tracker on journey app


Here’s how the rest of my day went: 

Morning Snack: Caramel Pecan Protein Bar I love this bar so much. If you need a Snickers fix, this will do the trick. 

Lunch: Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos. I’m not going to lie; this meal is on point and filling. But not that bloated feeling of being too full. Just right for an afternoon at work. 

Afternoon Snack: A Cranberry Grape Fiber Drink. Don’t let the fiber part scare you. It’s delicious! 

Dinner: My go-to dinner lately on Profile has been pizza. Yep, you heard that right… pizza. Tonight I made a Veggie Thai Pizza that was off the hook! 

Late night snack: I can be a bit of a night owl, so I really like the fact that Profile lets you have a bedtime snack. I decided to grab a Chewy Chocolate Peanut Bar from my stash and call it a night. 


So that’s what a typical day on Profile looks like. Looking back on my day, it’s not always easy, but it never feels impossible. And the further I get into it, the better I feel. The pounds are coming off, sure, but the best part is feeling good and slowly working my way off my blood pressure medications. If I can do it, so can you! 


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