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Kickstart Your Weight Loss With These 7 FREE Guides

Losing weight and living health can be very challenging, especially when there is a lot of conflicting health information online. To be successful, you need weight loss information that is easy to understand and actionable. At Profile, we believe education is one of the cornerstones to living a long, healthy life! We’ve collected our favorite downloadable resources that you can get for FREE to help kickstart (or re-energize) your weight loss journey.

1. The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide

Do you groan at the thought of spending hours and hours meal prepping for the week? Don’t fret – we’ve put together a guide to help make meal prepping and planning more efficient. This 4-step guide will help you plan your meals, make a healthy grocery list and help you better understand grocery store psychology.



2. 13 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Weight Loss Success

At Profile, we know there is no “one size fits all” approach to weight loss. However, there are some rules and practices that can help everyone lose weight. We’ve compiled our 13 favorite weight loss tips and tricks that help you guarantee success.



3. The Profile “Best Sleep in Your Life” Guide

Getting quality sleep is critically important when trying to gain more energy and regulate your body’s metabolism. If you struggle to get quality sleep or establish a sustainable nighttime routine, this resource is for you! Say goodbye to your insomnia and restless nights by using this guide to log and analyze your sleep and establish a restful bedtime routine.



4. Portion Control Guide for Sustainable Weight Loss

This guide is for anyone who has ever struggled with portion sizes or binge eating. In this guide, we discuss portion vs. serving size, how to plan your grocery list, and a variety of ways to measure and track your portion sizes.



5. Dietitian-Approved 3-Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered what a Profile meal plan looks like? We’ve put together a dietician-approved 3-day meal plan that we are confident will help you lose weight (even in just 3 days)!



6. Weight Gain Relapse Prevention Guide

Losing weight often seems like a cycle. We start a diet, lose weight, and often gain it back. Now is the time to break that cycle! This Relapse Prevention guide is your go-to resource to help you keep off weight for good. We know it isn’t easy, but we know you can do it with the right help!



7. How to Practice Self-Compassion During Tough Times

We often talk about the physical changes our body goes through when losing weight, but it is equally important to focus on your mental health! In this guide, we outline ways to practice self-compassion and focus on how you view yourself throughout your weight loss journey.



If you found these health resources helpful, there is more where they came from. All our nutrition plans come with weekly educational lessons that you can walk through with your health coach or digitally in the Profile Journey App. Our educational resources, recipes, and 24/7 access to a health coach make losing weight simple and understandable.


We’d love to meet with you to discuss your weight loss goals and match you with a custom Profile nutrition plan that helps you lose weight for good! Schedule a free consultation (available in-person or virtually) with one of our enrollment specialists to get started.


Let’s get you started on your lifestyle change!

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