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Weight-loss Success: Friends Drop 100+lbs Together

Together. As friends. Those are two keys that Alysia Rhinefort and Aleisha Sheridan say have played an integral role in their health journeys and weight-loss success.

Starting their journey to weight-loss success

Rhinefort decided to try Profile and shared the idea with Sheridan, but Sheridan wasn’t quite ready. Yet. Three months into her Profile journey, Rhinefort was healthier, down more than 30 pounds, and happy to share again. This time Sheridan took the leap too.

“I had been walking 5ks, but I hadn’t lost a pound,” Sheridan says. “I was exercising then, but not making myself a priority.”

She was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and knew it was time for a change. Gastric bypass surgery was an option she considered, but instead Sheridan decided to join Rhinefort on her Profile weight-loss journey.

If you have diabetes, you know managing your weight can be challenging. If you are looking for a healthy diabetic plan to lose weight, our certified coaches will help you create a diet and nutrition plan that works with your diabetes*, not against it. 


Seeing weight-loss success with Profile Plan

Since joining Profile, Sheridan has lost almost 50 pounds* and no longer needs diabetes medication. Rhinefort also continued to see success and is down more than 65 pounds.* She credits it to the structured plan Profile created for her and the weekly 1-on-1 coach meetings.

Rhinefort says Profile gave her the tools to finally work toward her health goals.

“It took the guesswork out of what I needed to do,” she says. “It really alleviated stress. I’ve tried every diet and plan. Sometimes I would lose a little, but this helped me embrace a lifestyle change.”

The women, who work together at a child-care organization, became friends through their jobs and share a bond strengthened by their journey with Profile.

“It was immediate friendship for us,” says Sheridan. “And once we started talking about weight, we realized how much alike we were and what our core issues were.”


Getting healthy together as friends

The women have found humor and strength in having an accountability partner on their journey to weight-loss success. They hike, shop, share recipes, cheer each other on, and laugh, a lot

“We’re not limited anymore in what we can do and that’s a big thing,” Sheridan says. “Yesterday we drove two and a half hours to get to a hike. The hike wasn’t a concern at all.” On one hike, they trekked 15 miles and climbed 1,099 stairs.


Living active, healthy, and confidently

Rhinefort says she has finally embraced the idea that getting healthy was about her.

“I’m worth it. It’s OK for me to do this for me.” She has become more active and confident. “When I see myself in the mirror, I see someone who is fit and I don’t dread having pictures taken of me. Going shopping is so much more fun now.”

Sheridan feels the same confidence. Her kids are 17 and 21, and joke about their ‘hot mom.’

“I just love that,” she says, laughing. On a more serious note, Sheridan is looking to the future. “Before my health journey, I decided I don’t just want to see my grandkids some day, I want to do things with my grandkids. This is a journey, not just a diet.”


And it’s a beautiful journey to do with a friend, they say. Sometimes that support is just the pick-me-up they needed to keep going. Rhinefort used a picture to encourage Sheridan one day when she struggled to see progress.

“She knew I was down and she sent me a pre-health journey picture,” Sheridan recalls. “She reminded me, ‘You’ve come a long way!”


Ready to see your own weight-loss success? Let’s chat! Schedule a free consult today to see if Profile Plan is a good fit for you and your health goals.


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