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Busy Mom of 2 Loses Weight and Fits in Her Dream Wedding Dress

Haley Lake’s wedding day was fast approaching when she realized her dress wasn’t going to fit.

“I had an infant, and I just kept thinking, ‘I love that dress. I just need it to fit; I need it to fit.’”

She shared her worry with a neighbor who had discovered a healthier lifestyle through Profile, and Haley wasted no time jumping on Profile’s MOM program.

The doctor-designed MOM program pairs a custom nutrition plan for moms with one-on-one health coaching. The program was built to support women through a healthy pregnancy and offers plans for those planning to become pregnant, who are pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

Haley’s custom nutrition plan helped her continue breastfeeding and the coaching helped her kick some of the unhealthy eating habits she picked up while pregnant.


Seeing the results of her custom nutrition plan

Haley still remembers the moment she tried on the dress a month before the wedding, well into the MOM program and thriving.

“It zipped up perfectly,” she gushes. “The dress was fitted to my body. When it slid on that day, I realized right then that everything was worth it in my health journey.”

Overall, Haley lost 37 pounds following her meal plan. She loves the way she looks and feels now.

“I feel like I can just move around easier. It’s easier to function in life. When I was heavier, even working out would hurt my knees, and it just didn’t feel right. I have so much more energy overall.”


Developing healthy habits to teach her family

She has also developed a new mindset toward how she feeds her family and herself.

“When I’m making meals now, I’m thinking about whether we are getting the nutrients we need,” she says.

As a young mom and newlywed, Haley knows firsthand the challenges in getting and staying healthy while raising a family.

“It’s hard, but it’s just something you have to jump in and do,” she encourages. “You want to teach your kids and be a good example.”


The key to her success was one-on-one coaching

Haley is confident that her success is not hers alone. “My coach is really what helped make this work for me. I consider her a friend now.”

Haley says she relied on the calls, texts, encouragement, and advice she gleaned from her coach. “She was always so open to talking with me and she was so motivating.”

Leaning into your coach is Haley’s most valuable piece of advice for those who want to start a health journey with Profile. “Don’t hide things from your coach.” Coaches are truly part of your support team, she says, and the more they know about where you are at in your journey, the better.

“There were times I would reach out to her because I just wanted to sit and eat junk food,” Haley laughs. “But even when I failed, she was there to say it was OK and we were going to pick it back up and keep going.”


Looking towards a future that is healthy and thriving

Haley is looking forward to a summer of new memories with her family, hopefully with some hikes in the Colorado hills.  “It feels amazing to be at my goal weight,” she says

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