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Tired of Being Tired: Vanita’s Story

Health can be measured in pounds. Other times, it’s measured in pills.

Before Profile, Vanita was on medication for both her blood pressure and cholesterol. “I was sick of it,” she says. “I felt tired of being fat, and I was worried about the medications I was on. Most of all, I was just tired of feeling tired.”
Through a recommendation from a coworker, Vanita joined Profile Plan and started a weight loss journey that would change her health.

Learning how to lose weight

During her first weeks on the program, Vanita discovered what makes the Profile plan different. “The food was good, and the coaching was helpful and consistent. And I was so determined that sticking to the plan wasn’t that difficult.”

Beyond coaching and food, education was a huge part of what led to Vanita’s 86-pound weight loss*. “Quick results* were the best part of the plan, but after seeing that initial loss, it was really the lifestyle change that helped me stick to it. Profile taught me how to eat properly and make wise choices.”

Those lessons are a key reason why weight loss on Profile is more than a success – it’s sustainable. “I tried to lose weight on my own, but Profile was the first plan I tried where I paid for help. It was well worth it; maybe the most important lesson I learned was that I needed the structure of being held accountable.”

Back to living an active life after weight loss

Today, Vanita is enjoying her weight loss by getting outside and getting active. “I’m back to an active lifestyle and enjoying it. I’m spending time outside, horseback riding, and just enjoying how much more energetic I feel. I didn’t like the old me as much as the new me.”

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