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“I Wanted My Life Back”

Susan: Pre-Weight Loss

Too often we know that we need and want to make a lifestyle change, but don't know how to choose a solution that works for us. Susan Wheat had tried losing weight on her own, used WW for a while with moderate success but in her adulthood, her health began to decline because of her weight. She was 373 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, on the path to becoming pre-diabetic and needed knee surgery, but was told she need to lose weight in order to receive it. She said to herself "this is enough; I've got to lose some of this weight. I want my life back!" 

OK, God!! Now What?

With so many options and previous failed weight loss attempts, she knew her goal, but didn't have a plan for how to reach it. She thought through the dozens of options in her mind and thought “Ok, God!! Now what?!?”

Susan was talking to one of her friends and learned she was having success with Profile Plan, a health and nutrition plan that drives sustainable weight loss results. She was a little tentative to try yet another weight loss plan, so she floated the idea of trying Profile with her internist who reviewed the plan and said:

“We want you to do this. This is the best plan I’ve ever seen. Do it!”

So, in January of 2020 Susan began her journey with Profile and hasn't looked back since!

Ready, Set, GO!!

The first three weeks on Profile set a pace for Susan:

“I learned to change my lifestyle. Weight loss is made in the kitchen, so that’s where I started. With the help of Profile’s 1-on-1 coaching, I learned that following my plan was a mental thing. I could do it because I was determined."

In the first week, she lost six pounds!


“My Coach is an Inner Channel to My Soul.”

Susan appreciates the 1-on-1 coaching element Profile offers that the other programs she attempted did not:

“The coaches keep you going; they won’t let you quit. They teach you how to look at the nutrition food provides, the science behind losing weight.”

Covid-19 threw a wrench into her in-person health coaching, but she stayed focused and “while everyone else was gaining over Covid, I was losing!” Even a global pandemic couldn't break Susan's spirit and focus.

Susan attributes her success in Profile to her 1-on-1 coaching experience:

“The 1-on-1 coaching…you cannot beat it!”

On & Off-The-Scale Successes

As of July 2022, Susan is down 173 pounds landing at 200 pounds and was able to get off of both her high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Beyond the scale, Susan experiences off-the-scale successes. Susan can now go shopping in stores, no more online ordering needed because she no longer requires plus sizes:

“My clothes are falling off now!”

Susan went from a top size of 28 and a skirt size of 32-34 to a size 14 in both! She also noticed that “when I go to the doctor’s office, I can actually sit in the chair now; there’s plenty of room for me.”

Considering joining Profile?

“This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Get your mind right, and DO IT!”

Let’s get you started on your lifestyle change!

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