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Pregnant Profile Member, Rhianna, showing her 12-week bump and pregnancy test

Rhianna’s Journey to Pregnancy With Profile

Rhianna Pina knows heartbreak. She has experienced multiple miscarriages and after conceiving following years of infertility, lost her baby last November. Rhianna’s sorrow has given way to joy as she is pregnant again, a miracle she credits partly to her weight loss journey with Profile Plan. “This was a key to the success of getting pregnant,” she said.

Finding her way to Profile

Rhianna struggled with her weight for several years. From her highest weight of 300 pounds, she lost 120 pounds through diet and exercise but her journey to health was derailed when she snapped both knees during an accident and was unable to exercise. Following the accident, she tried to start a family but was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and began a long journey of infertility treatments. She finally crossed paths with a fertility doctor who would change the course of her life. “She suggested losing weight, and doing it through Profile.”

It was just what Rhianna’s body needed. She was able to get pregnant without fertility treatments within just a few months. Rhianna is now expecting a baby boy and walking through Profile’s MOM Journey Guide, which will give her the nutrition and tools needed to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. “I love that I’m getting the nutrients I need while I’m carrying this baby. I have more awareness now when making food choices. It really instilled confidence in me.”

Looking towards a healthy future

A self-professed stress eater, Rhianna has focused on changing her mindset about food and how she fuels her body. “It’s about coming to terms with what you struggle with. There is a psychological side to it.” Health for Rhianna is a lifelong endeavor now. “I’m going to take the tools and knowledge with me so I can help keep my family healthy and sustain this for a long time.”

Rhianna owns a hair salon and is on her feet most of the day, but that hasn’t deterred her from pursuing health despite the challenge of a busy schedule. “There are ways to be on plan and make it convenient if you’re busy. I get creative. If I’m going out to a Mexican restaurant, I take my salt and vinegar chips with me and I’ll get a fajita salad and just ask for salsa as the dressing.”

A note of encouragement to others

Rhianna remembers the rollercoaster of emotions she experienced through infertility. She encourages other women walking a similar road to consider getting healthy – not just to get pregnant, but to live a better life as well. “Take the chance of trying. Health is long-term. If you are able to get pregnant, you will already have a healthy lifestyle and habits in place for your child.”

As Rhianna gets ready to welcome her son into the world, a moment she has long dreamt of, she says it’s that much sweeter now that she is at a healthy weight. “I don’t to be a sideline parent. I want to be active. I want to experience everything with him. I’m so thankful my life is the way it is now.”

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