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The Journey is Better with a Buddy: Profile Power Couples

When members start the Profile Plan, they begin a transformative process that can be emotionally and physically draining. Humans are creatures of habit and change can be very difficult for us to process. Profile members make big lifestyle changes during their journey. They drastically alter their diet, ramp up their activity level and adjust their habits as they begin to progress towards their goal.

As Chris Clark’s recent blog article illustrates, social support can play a key role during a Profile member’s journey. At Profile, we’ve helped over 85,000 members make lasting lifestyle change and, during that time, we’ve seen several members that have experienced success in tandem with someone they’re close to. That’s why we tell members that the journey is better with a buddy and encourage them to find someone within their support system that might be willing to start their Profile journey at the same time. With Father’s Day around the corner, we’d like to spotlight the success of some captivating couples that took on the Profile Plan together and experienced tremendous results!

Blake and Lisa’s Journey: Tackling Weight Loss Together

Blake and Lisa made the decision to tackle healthy lifestyle change together and they’re so glad they did! They’ve made both small and big changes in their life as they’re eating better, exercising more and Lisa even has her sights set on running a marathon.

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Curt and Deattia’s Journey: Leaning On Each Other

Curt and Deattia jumped head first into the Profile Plan and it is paying off big time. The clothes in their closets have changed and so has their outlook on life! These days, the couple can be found eating healthier, traveling all over the world and living their best life.

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Chuck and Suzy’s Journey: Better Together

Chuck and Suzy struggled with their weight for over a decade prior to finding Profile. After trying fad diets separately, the couple found strength during their Profile journey by doing it together. They’ve lost 30 percent of their body weight and are planning a big anniversary trip to Europe in the not-so-distant future.

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Greg and Jolene’s Journey: A Healthier Happier Family

Greg and Jolene knew that living a healthier lifestyle was key to the health of their children later on in life. Their children were watching everything they did and that helped Greg and Jolene adopt healthy habits for the long run as they made the commitment to the Profile Plan. These days, the couple has more energy and a razor-sharp focus on sustaining their long-term success.

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