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Jodi's Transformation with Profile by Sanford

Weight Loss Transformation: Jodi’s Story

After seeing her sister’s weight loss transformation with Profile, Jodi decided to try the program after years of battling her weight. “I had always been overweight, even as a kid,” explains Jodi. 

“And I had literally tried every diet, every program. I would lose a bit but nothing would really stick. But my sister joined Profile and had some success really quickly. So I decided that I would give it a go.

Jodi lost 14 within her first week of Profile. And while the numbers on the scale are fantastic (Jodi has now lost 91 pounds*), she is just as thrilled with her results of living a healthier and happier life. “Profile has changed my life. Not just by what I eat or don’t eat. It’s changed how I approach things, my level of optimism and confidence. I used to be ashamed of my weight and felt that I was just always going to be that way with no hope of being different. Once I started Profile, something in my head just clicked. I was finally ready, REALLY ready.”

Not only is her lifestyle change creating a weight loss transformation as well as a psychological one, but the choices she makes are also positively impacting her family and children. “After a couple of weeks, I figured out ways (using the Profile Member Group on Facebook and Pinterest page) to have the same thing the family was eating, but with minor modifications. For example, if it is spaghetti night at our house, instead of noodles, I have spaghetti squash. I eat the same sauce and meat as them, but just with different noodles.

“Once I started approaching meals that way, it just got easier. Pretty soon the kids asked to taste my versions of the food. Guess what? They liked them! I have substituted ground turkey where I would have previously used hamburger. We only eat turkey bacon or sausage now and the kids love it.”

She credits her success, in part, to her ability to chunk her goal into smaller, manageable pieces. Her first goal was to be under 300. From there, it was to lose 50, then 70. Looking forward, her next goal is to lose 100 and then to continue to lose 25 pounds at a time until reaching her final goal weight. While losing 160 pounds may seem like an impossible task, losing 25-30 at a time doesn’t. Other aspects that have contributed to her success is the simplicity of the Profile program as well as support from her Profile coach, family, and friends.

“Have there been struggles? Of course there have! Are there weeks where the scale doesn’t move and I get frustrated? Absolutely! But that’s where my support system, including my Profile coach, comes in. Plus, my husband and kids, my sister, our mom, everyone in my family have been extremely supportive. I feel like I have so many people cheering me on!”

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