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Nick and Kara’s Journey: Supporting Each Other Through Weight Loss

Nick and Kara lost weight together with Profile by Sanford

While spending time with high school friends, Kara Skarphol realized something. “We got all dolled up and took pictures,” she said. “Everyone looked the same as they did on graduation day, except me. I had let myself go and I was not proud.” The next day, Kara had a heart-to-heart with her friends and they encouraged her to make a change if she wanted to be healthier. It was the jumpstart she needed.

Kara had heard about Profile by Sanford and approached her husband, Nick, about doing it together. “I told her I would do whatever she would like to try to support her,” said Nick. “Little did I know that after starting Profile, it would change from doing it for her to doing it for me. I wanted to look and feel better about who I am for me.” Together, Kara has lost 54 pounds and Nick has lost 30.*

Inspiring Others by Carrying Coaching Forward

By regularly meeting with a Certified Profile Coach who provided support and held them accountable, Nick and Kara were able to achieve successful weight loss. The couple said the most gratifying part of their journey has been inspiring others to do the same and realizing the support they are surrounded by. “I know I couldn’t have done it without Nick’s help and our coaches,” Kara said. “I am so thankful he has been beside me this whole time. Our families have both been giant support systems as well. I think the best coming out of this now, is the impact Nick and I are seeing in our friends and family.”

Nick agreed. “There have been people in our lives that have taken notice of our change in lifestyle and have actually decide to sign up for Profile and give it a go. That makes me feel great knowing I might have made a difference in someone’s life for the good.”

A Boost of Energy

Now that they’ve lost weight, Nick and Kara have much more energy to burn. Before Profile, Kara found mothering their children, ages 9 and 5, challenging at times due to her lack of energy. Now, Kara said, she has the drive to be the mother she needs to be. Nick agreed. “I feel younger and have more energy to spend with my two kids, which makes me feel great,” Nick said.

When they started Profile, they decided that having kids was not going to deter them from getting healthy. They involve their kids in cooking healthy meals and bring them to appointments. “Kara and I have showed our two amazing kids that when you want something you need to do something about it and go get it,” Nick said.

Kara believes they are teaching their kids a deeper lesson about health and life. “Our daughter is such a little cheerleader for us,” Kara said. “She leaves me notes telling me how beautiful I am and how proud of me she is.” Their daughter has fallen in love with the healthier food they cook and has started learning how to prepare them as well.

Reaching New Fitness Goals

The couple recently reached a goal they never anticipated – running the Fargo 10K. They ran the race together with friends. “I never thought in a million years I would do that,” Kara said. “I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Running is not my favorite, but I knew I had to get to my next goal. It was very awesome and rewarding.”

Nick and Kara view the race as a metaphor for their health journey. Nick’s journey started strong, but it has been a challenge when they are in different phases of the program. “You just have to take the step and go for it,” he said.

The beginning was difficult for Kara. “When you hear someone say it’s a mental game – it totally is.” The persistence has paid off as the weight loss has reverberated in other areas of her life. Kara had her gall bladder removed in 2011 and struggled with digestive issues from then on. “I had a horrible digestive system,” she said. “And now that is completely gone. I have more pep and I’m feeling better.”

Now happy and healthy, both Nick and Kara are looking to the future – but not too far ahead. “Our coaches have been amazing and what I love the best is worrying about right now,” she said. “It’s always, ‘So what are we focusing on this week?’ Let’s go one week at a time. I’ve never been more motivated.”

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