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Natalie face before and now

85 lbs Lost During Her Weight Loss Journey.... and Still LOSING!

Surgery or No Surgery? 

Natalie Vohsmann struggled with roller coaster weight her whole life. She tried some weight loss programs such as WW and Ideal Protein, but was never able to keep the weight off for very long.  

In December 2018, after the birth of her youngest child, she was at her heaviest weight, feeling unhealthy and extremely uncomfortable in her own skin:

“I didn’t like looking in the mirror.”

Being 290 lbs and feeling so uncomfortable was only part of the issue; she was also afraid her health wouldn’t allow her to enjoy the childhood of her two young children. With these concerns, the time had come for something to change, and she felt that weight loss surgery was literally her only option...


June 2019. A news program featured a local business, Profile Plan. This particular segment focused on a person sharing her successful journey through weight loss using Profile Plan, and Natalie was sold on the “tailored to you” hook. As a last ditch effort to avoid surgery, she signed up for the free consultation thinking,

“It’s not going to hurt to have a consultation, and it didn’t!"

Natalie before and now

Profile Plan in Natalie’s Kitchen 

Natalie successfully passed the introductory three-week mark,

“I’m not a shake person, but out of all the shakes I’ve ever tried, Profile’s shakes are definitely the best tasting!”

When she looks back, she says,

“Mentally, I was really where I needed to put my foot down and get it going. I was at that point in my determination that it was hard…but not that hard, and after the three weeks, I could add in more Profile foods.”  

Though Natalie claims she is not “super creative in the kitchen” when it comes to Profile Plan’s food, she found one “versatile” Profile staple: pizza crusts. Pizza crusts can be used not only for pizzas, but also as taco shells, sandwiches, wraps, and toasted crisps. Profile Plan does not believe in deprivation; plenty of options are available to choose from and a cookbook to help. Also, her 1-1 coach shares recipes with Natalie to avoid her kitchen burnout. 

1-1 Coaching: The Unique Element  

When asked about Natalie's thoughts on 1-1 coaching, she replied:

“Love it!”

She has had the same 1-1 coach for three years and explains this relationship as unique,

“She knows me and my body and the best plan for me. I can bounce ideas off her and she helps prevent burnout by helping me with recipes and supplying alternatives around the holidays.”

Her coach assists in the day-to-day physical aspect of weight loss while also helping her continued understanding of her relationship with food. As Natalie advanced in Profile Plan, she became more focused on that relationship:

“I wasn’t working on my relationship with food prior to Profile, but rather added that element when I started, which is another part of my success because I had never addressed that side of weight loss before.”

Her coach listens to the occasional off-plan experience, helps track her food, and provides education on how the body deals with food. Coaches find what works, and most important, what doesn’t for the client.  

Natalie’s coach works WITH her to find what works FOR her which is why she believes Profile Plan is such a more unique program than any others. 

Results ON and OFF the Scale 

In June 2019, Natalie, 5’6” tall, weighed 290 lbs. By May 2022, Natalie lost 85 lbs and weighed 205 lbs. She also lost 40 inches and dropped from a size 22 to a size 12. After the weight started dropping, she began incorporating fitness into her weight loss journey. She worked out intensely at first, 5 days a week, and is now at a consistent 3-4 times a week.

“I kind of fell in love with exercise and it’s become an important part of my self-care.”

Natalie also depends on the Profile tools for her success: listening to her body when she is full, portion sizes, tracking her food, weighing herself more frequently, being more mindful of the menu options when eating out. These tools learned alongside the nutrition factor helped reach her success and will continue to help in her ongoing success. 

Understanding her weight loss journey is another off-the-scale win for Natalie. She has some off days, but these do not cause her to fall back into old habits. According to Natalie, 

“Every off-plan decision I’ve made is the reason I am where I am today. The biggest difference between my attitude before Profile Plan and today is the realization that every day is a new day. I don’t keep the old habits going…yesterday wasn't the best day, but today is new.” 

Advice to The Curious Ones: “You Never Know Until You Try.” 

Natalie had no idea if Profile would work or if surgery was the best option, but Profile Plan ended up being her savior. According to Natalie,

“Profile Plan has felt different from any other time I’ve tried to lose weight. I’ve DONE it! I’ve come this far! It’s going to stick because I know HOW to make it stick; the other ones did not teach me that.”

Profile takes the time to search for the best plan that works for its clients, which according to Natalie, was a big part of her success! 

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