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Michelle and Lauren Profile by Sanford Weight Loss Journey

Mother Daughter Duo – A Profile Journey

Mother and daughter duo, Michelle and Lauren, made the decision to change and they set out to do it together. With an upcoming family wedding as motivation, they came to Profile determined to succeed. Their journey brought resulted in a happier and healthier lifestyle that they now enjoy together.

Michelle and Lauren began meeting weekly with coaches, ultimately creating a relationship with Certified Profile Coach, Todd. He saw them through their journey- good days and bad.

“He’s more than a coach now, he’s a friend.”

Michelle and Lauren also leaned on each other for accountability and motivation. They knew they were not going back to their previous lifestyle. Michelle chooses to keep old photos of herself as a reminder of where she’s been and how far she’s come.

“Friends will ask my why I keep them displayed at work and I tell them, I’m not going to forget that person, but I don’t what to her her again.”

Lauren was motivated by the comments she began receiving when those around her began noticing her results*.

Lifestyle changes don’t come easy. Surrounding yourself with support, motivation and accountability increases your chances to succeed. The Profile community is strong and growing. When you’re ready to join us, we’re here to support you.