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Ballerina “Leaps” into Profile

Morgan enjoyed ballet training, specifically in classical ballet, from the age of 3 - 19 until an injury caused her to leave the dance world. Nutrition and strength training were not incorporated into ballet back then, so after leaving, she did not have the necessary tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain her “ballerina body” post-dance life. 

With her “ballerina body” beginning to transform, she tried different diets trying to gain control of the spiral she was in. She tried Keto, If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), South Beach Diet, Adkins, etc:

“I experienced some success, but eventually the idea of being able to eat “whatever you want’ spiraled and the weight loss came back.”

Morgan was completely aware of what she needed to do to be successful in weight loss, but she wasn’t able to do it on her own:

“Each week I would tell myself I was getting “back on track” and would do well during the work week, but come the weekend, I would indulge in one meal and that would turn into a cheat day and then a cheat weekend and I was back to square one.”

It took a friend sharing her Profile journey on Instagram that caught Morgan’s attention:

“I saw her Styku scans and immediately messaged her to tell me about Profile and how I could get started.”

Morgan began her Profile journey on November 15, 2021.

Profile: Morgan’s First Few Weeks

When Morgan began her Profile plan at 197 lbs, she expected an adjustment period for her new eating habits and to feel hungry between meals, but Profile had the opposite effect:

“I found on my journey that I felt satisfied after every meal. All of the protein and vegetables kept me full and satisfied and I didn’t experience bouts of hunger.”

Over the next few weeks, Morgan could see her energy rise and her mental clarity at work increase and the need for a midday nap disappeared.

One-On-One Coaching

The one-on-one coaching is what led Morgan to Profile:

“I love the accountability to my coach and having someone who can support me through my journey. I can be honest and real about any issues on my individual weight-loss plan and celebrate my wins.”

Depending on family, friends or a significant other compared to a coach puts a lot of pressure on them, whereas, having a third party asking the hard questions and providing guidance and insight is so helpful. 

On & Off The Scale Successes

On July 1, 2021, only 7.5 months into her plan, Morgan reached her goal weight having dropped 63.4 lbs; she has also lost 50.9 inches:

“When I talk to people about Profile and I show them a side-by-side photo when I first started and now, they can’t believe the results. I truly feel like a Before and After advertisement for Profile.”

Off-the-scale successes include a drop in size from a 12 pants to a 4. Other improvements can be seen in her mood, energy and mental clarity:

“Before Profile, I took naps every weekend. No naps needed any longer.”

She is confident these results are long term because through Profile, she is rebuilding her relationship with food and changing her mindset with food and meal prepping. Excitedly, Morgan donated all her old clothes and bought a new wardrobe. 


Profile Works For Morgan

Through Profile, Morgan was able to change her mindset on how she viewed food:

“Before Profile, if I saw a show, movie, commercial with food like pizza, sushi, or pasta, I immediately craved it and had to have it right then and there.”

Now, with her new outlook, she sees these foods and appreciates that they look good, but without cravings. Having a coach’s support on her weight-loss journey was also instrumental in her success:

“Knowing I had to be accountable to my coach each week and be honest about any ups and downs really allowed me to be vulnerable and address the issues that previously held me back when trying to lose weight.”

Profile has changed Morgan’s life:

“I am in the best shape of my life. I have found a new passion in my life for health, fitness and wellness and love to cheer others on their journey.”

Morgan will be forever grateful for seeing her friend’s Styku post and reaching out because it has changed her life.

Morgan, Any Advice?

People are usually waiting for the “right time” to start something new–start on Monday, first of the month, or after the holidays:

“Just start! Taking the first leap is scary, but it is worth it. If you’re thinking about it, if it is something you want, take that leap!”

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