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Living as a Healthy Family: Dallas and Amelia’s Story

Today, Dallas and Amelia Davis are living as a healthy family thanks to Profile. But Dallas remembers the day he came home from work and, as much as he loves his 4-year-old son, wanted to get something to eat more than he wanted to play with his son.

“It was the final straw. I was just too tired, and I put food ahead of him.”

That is why Dallas was quick to cling to a suggestion Amelia made after she heard about Profile.

“My work was giving a corporate discount, and I just texted him and asked that we talk about it,” said Amelia. “He wrote right back and said, ‘let’s do it.’”


Joining Profile and starting their weight loss journey

They didn’t realize at the time that it would turn their lives around. The couple signed up, dug in, and lost nearly 170 pounds collectively, Dallas 120 and Amelia 50.

“We were in it as a family,” Amelia said. “Dallas is the reason I succeeded. It strengthened our relationship because we could lean on each other.”


The couple sees living as a healthy family as a permanent lifestyle because they know what life was like before.

“I was tired all the time,” Dallas said. “Going up the stairs would have me out of breath. I couldn’t play with my son the way I wanted to. To be worn down with food controlling my life is a place I don’t want to go back to.”


More than a weight loss transformation

Amelia struggled in many of the same ways. When she kicked off her journey, she hoped for a heart and mind transformation as much as a body transformation. When she posted a before-and-now photo during her journey, she encouraged those reading her post to recognize their worth no matter their size. To make healthy decisions because they are worthy of respect and love during every season of life.

“Go through each stage with grace, love, and acceptance,” she wrote. “The woman on the left was a young mom stressed out by life. She didn’t know how to treat her body or love her body. But she made a courageous leap to better herself. The woman on the right has accepted her past and has found self-love. She learned to respect and take care of her body. She learned grace and how to love herself no matter how she looks.”


Amelia said her greatest goal in her journey was to respect her body.

“I wanted to learn how to treat my body well. That is my biggest accomplishment, dealing with body acceptance and learning to feed and move my body. Then, confidence comes into play.”


Living an active lifestyle

The couple enjoys living as a healthy family. They stay active by hiking, biking, and taking walks. They are also teaching son healthy habits.

“He actually likes veggies and yoga,” Amelia said. “I never would have envisioned that.”


Dallas said the first step is always the hardest but is the most important.

“You say you’ll start Monday. You’ll start exercising. You’re not going to eat the pizza. Get a plan. Get a coach. Don’t wait.” Amelia is on the same page as her husband. “What is stopping you?” she said. “It’s the easiest and best thing that has happened to me.”


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