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Turning 50: A Life Change Motivator

Kristine before and after

Meet Profile Member —Kristine Keiser!

Kristine Keiser decided a life change was in order. At 50 years old, she was just “not feeling well.” Kristine said she “started experiencing knee pain, a difficulty in breathing, and high blood pressure.” Because of these health issues, she took a good look at herself and decided to take control of her physical health.


The search for more than a weight loss program

Not only was there a health and weight challenge facing Kristine, but she was also having to face being a survivor of domestic abuse. Surviving multiple gunshot wounds from her abusive husband fueled her motivation to strengthen her body as well as her mind and soul. After the shooting, Kristine thought,

“I’m here for a reason; I need to really get my health in check.''

She realized a complete overhaul was needed and started looking for a weight loss program offering the whole health experience: body, mind, and soul.


Kristine's selfie


Kristine's success with Profile:

For Kristine, the element of a personal coach for continued support and encouragement through her whole health experience was the deciding factor in choosing and keeping Profile as her weight loss program. She said,

“I have had the opportunity to work with my coach to understand the reason that led me to my highest weight in the way I was eating, how stress was affecting my weight loss, and even how much sleep plays a part.”

Her coach helped point out the habits learned as a child that she clung to as an adult and how that influenced her weight gain. Being told as a child to clean her plate followed Kristine into adulthood. Her coach also helped her gain the knowledge of what was healthy and to listen to her body stating,

“When I am full, I stop now, and I have learned not to feel guilty about it.”

before and after


Continued weight loss success

Kristine keeps herself motivated and accountable past her weekly visits with her coach by keeping a daily journal where she records her food intake, ounces of water consumed, exercise, weight, large and small goals, non-scale victories*, and thoughts. She finds this helpful in keeping her body, mind, and soul in check. Kristine has no complaints about the food,

“The shakes and bars go throughout the day; I am never hungry.”

To keep her food interesting, she gets creative in the kitchen. She uses the Profile staples to create new recipes. For example, the oatmeal mixed with some of the shake powder creates a new muffin, or the oatmeal raisin bar heated in the microwave tastes like a cookie straight from the oven. Being physically active adds to Kristine’s weight loss journey. She does Pilates every day:

“It’s been 264 days straight without missing a day.”

Walking 2-3 miles almost every day is also part of her exercise regime. If the weather is cold, she walks on a treadmill.

75 pound loss


86.2 lbs. and still losing!

In August of 2021, Kristine began Profile Plan at 5’3” tall weighing 248.5 lbs., a size 20 pants, and a size 1X top. Physically, she complained of knee pain, being winded, and high blood pressure. As a result of a nine-month journey with Profile, she is down 86.2 lbs., weighs 162.3 lbs., and wears size 10 pants and a medium top! She no longer complains of knee pain nor the breathing difficulties of before, and her blood pressure medicine has been cut in half. Kristine has successfully gained control of her health through Profile Plan.



What's next?

Kristine lost 86.2 lbs. and is not stopping there as she continues to set goals, meet them and create new ones. She is so very happy with this physical change because now she can play with her granddaughter in comfort. According to Kristine,

“Profile is a wonderful program as it is well-rounded to help you meet your goals, physically and mentally, in the journey to get healthy!”


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