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Korin Lost 80 pounds on Profile

Korin’s Journey: Leading By Example

Korin Ball has grown accustomed to the rollercoaster ride of diets. “I’d start something, be good for two weeks and then I’d go back,” said Ball, a mother of four from Austin, Minnesota. 

Life was hectic; with work and raising four kids under the age of 9, Ball felt like she couldn’t keep up. “I was tired; I had no energy and I was depressed with myself,” she said. “I was happy with my family and everything else, but not with myself and who I was.”

Done With Diets

It was while witnessing the transformation of a friend who had started Profile that Ball realized she might have found something that could stick. Ball took the leap and became a member and her journey commenced. That’s when everything changed. “I couldn’t be happier with where I am now,” Ball said. The program helped the 35-year-old whittle her weight from 243 pounds to 163, a loss of more than 32 percent of her body weight.* “It worked,” said Ball. “It wasn’t just having a salad every day. It was so much more than that.”

Coaching That Works

The strength of the program – and her sticking with a healthier way of life – was in the coaching. “It’s the accountability,” she said. “Knowing my coach was there every week, it kept me on my toes.” Ball said a big component of the Profile program is the education that Profile provides. “I’ve learned so much from my coach about food and nutrition!” When she started seeing results, not only on the scale, but in the way she felt, it gave her motivation to continue. “Results were happening week after week, so it was easy to stay on plan,” she added.

At an annual doctor’s visit, Ball was taken off her blood pressure medication. It was a major victory after experiencing a time when she was on the road to becoming a prediabetic. During two of her pregnancies, Ball was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Her experience with Profile changed her outlook on health. “It’s awesome when your doctor tells you he’s proud of you,” she exclaimed.

Be What You Want To See

Ball is now focused on leading by example to pay it forward to those closest to her. “My kids are happy,” she said. “They will say: ‘let’s go do stuff’ and they want to play sports with me. I’m glad to have the energy to do that. One of them commented that now they can wrap their arms around my waist,” she said. “They’re happy they’ve got their mom back. You’re sad that you ever left.”

Ball said she still struggles to tackle recipes, but she’s getting the hang of it and is always up to the challenge. “I’ve never been one to throw things together so I’m learning,” she said. “My kids don’t eat everything I do, but it’s changed our whole family.” Her kids are 9, 7, 4 and 2, the perfect age to influence for healthy eating and living. “It’s fun,” she said. “My whole family is proud of me and so am I!”

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