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Julie's Profile Weight Loss Journey

Julie’s Journey: Overcoming Challenges and Believing in Herself

It’s never too late – that’s a tried and true anthem of Julie Brown’s health journey. Julie first started her Profile journey in 2013 after visiting her doctor to discuss hip surgery. She was encouraged to lose weight and her doctor suggested Profile. She signed up and worked hard to lose 205 pounds by staying committed to the program with the help of her coach.

Life after her first Profile journey

Julie followed her meal plan, gradually added low-impact exercises like swimming and replaced her usual soda with a gallon of water each day. It was as if a light had turned on in her life. “Before, I was sheltered, had low self-esteem, and didn’t want to go out in public,” she said. “After I lost the weight, I felt like a million bucks. I became social. I didn’t hide behind the camera. I made new friends.” Julie had her hip surgery, got off her blood pressure medications and found herself taking the stairs with ease.

But life brought challenges, and she found herself struggling with her weight again as she went through a divorce. “It was stressful, and I just gave up,” she said. “I started eating and drinking to calm my nerves.” More than 100 pounds crept back on during the next year, and Julie woke up one morning wondering how things changed. “I laid there and thought, ‘you’re going back to that same person you didn’t like, back to that same unhappy person.”

Going back to Profile for support

It was a fork in the road. She could call up her Profile coach or continue down a path she knew she didn’t want to be on anymore. “I got back on Profile again and I’ve lost 86 pounds,” she said. “I’m taking it slower this time, and really, I feel like myself again.”

Julie spent many years before her Profile journey trying diets that never stuck. “I like to do my own thing, but it never worked,” she said. Partnering with a knowledgeable, trained health coach made all the difference. Coaches do more than keep a pulse on how you are progressing, Julie said. They offer consistent check-ins, help formulate individual goals, give recipe ideas, answer questions and offer support when life gets hard. “They’re always there when I need them,” she said.

Passing encouragement on

Julie said she has been deeply moved by the support she received from the Profile community and even strangers who have sent her notes to let her know how her transformation moved them to action as well. “I just want to help people now,” she said. “If I can do this, you can. If you lost the weight and gained it back, don’t give up. Don’t go back, always go forward.”

It’s never too late to regain control of your health, Julie said, even if it not the first time. If you would like to see how Profile can help you do so sign up for a FREE consultation below: