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Jennifer’s Journey: So Much To Be Thankful For

Jen Preston's Profile by Sanford Weight Loss Story

What a difference a year can make. For Jennifer Preston, this past year has been one to be thankful for. Last year, she took advantage of a Profile Thanksgiving promotion and embarked upon a year-long health journey that has changed her lifestyle as she lost over 100-pounds.*

Motivated To Make A Change

Preston had struggled with her weight her whole life. “I felt crummy,” she said. “It was the comments from people. There was a sign up for a 5K at work and someone said: ‘Oh, you wouldn’t run a 5K.’ My self-esteem was pretty low. I wanted to prove everybody wrong and do those things.”

It lit a fire under Preston and as Thanksgiving approached last year, she heard about Profile. “My boyfriend would drive by it every day,” she said. “I was scared but I was ready. I walked in and hadn’t done any research. I liked that it was backed by doctors.”

Preston, who lost almost 36 percent of her body weight,* said the program has worked for her because she has learned new ways to cook, followed the guidance and advice of her coach and stayed encouraged by consistent results. “The way it’s set up, it really works. I’ve learned to cook vegetables that I never even thought to cook before,” she said. “They walk you through it all and help you every step of the way.”

Blocking Out The Noise

Preston said she didn’t struggle with cravings in the beginning the way some people might and that her biggest challenge was ignoring what other people said. “I know that the results will be more beneficial than cheating,” she said. “I have great willpower, but people make crummy comments. They would say things like ‘I hope you don’t gain it back.’”

Despite a few naysayers, Preston’s fellow employees have been impressed with her health. And that 5K? Been there, done that. “I’ve done two,” she said. “I couldn’t believe that I could do it.” This year, her Christmas list is stock-full of exercise equipment. “It’s such a difference,” she added.

Preston, whose boyfriend has since joined the program, said she the weight will stay off for good. Her advice to anyone that is thinking about joining Profile but dealing with apprehension is simple: dive in. “If you make the decision, in the end you’ll be grateful,” she said. “Just one year later, I have so much to be thankful for!”