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Powering Weight Loss With Genetics

Jason Bailey is an educator by trade, so it’s no surprise that he wanted his health journey to include learning more about himself. That is why Bailey included a Precise genetics test with his Profile membership. 

“I was curious about my genetic makeup,” he said. “It was something that was tailored to me because everybody loses and gains weight differently.” Since then, Bailey has lost 122 pounds* and he isn’t looking back.

Nudged towards health

When he reminisces on life before Profile, Bailey realizes how uncomfortable his life had become. His desk job had him sedentary most of the day, but it was his children that really encouraged him to get started on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. “My kids are in sports and just walking to the gym from the parking lot to watch them play was grueling,” Bailey said. “Now they’re both proud of me. They’re very disciplined in their athletics and I think that nudged me in the right direction.”

One-on-one coaching was key

Bailey’s wife has been his number one cheerleader, but it was working with a Profile coach that made all the difference. “You have accountability from an unbiased party,” he said. “It’s hard when your wife says, ‘Should you be eating that?’ because of course she would ask that – she loves me. With the program, I can get expert advice from a coach with a degree in nutrition.”

When he started, Bailey set a goal he wasn’t sure he could reach. “My goal was 100 pounds and I thought it was unattainable,” he said. “Then when I hit 40, I thought, ‘I can lose as much as I want.’ I hit a rhythm and there was no reason to stop.”

Life is different now. “It’s pretty fantastic,” Bailey said. “I have energy to do things. When I’m shopping for clothes, I no longer have to buy expensive three and four XL items. I can now buy off the rack.”

Take the leap

Bailey said he knows how daunting it can seem at the beginning, which is why he signed up with a determined mind and added Profile Precise. His advice to other is to take the leap. “It’s possible to make a huge change. It’s not just another program. I’m very grateful.”

He’s looking forward to utilizing the additional information from Precise that will guide him as he transitions to Sustain. “There are so many different factors for people,” he said. “It’s different for every person and it is one more tool to make it personal to you. I wouldn’t have done this any other way.”

Interested in learning more about the Profile Plan or the Profile Precise DNA test? Book a free one-on-one consultation with a Certified Profile Coach.

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