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How Kelly Got a Lifestyle Change to Stick

Kelly Brevig tried Weight Watchers (three times), SlimFast, the Atkins diet, weight loss pills, MyFitnessPal.com and more. So what lifestyle change actually stuck to help her lose 81 pounds and 61 inches*?

“Profile Plan,” she says. “The program was the perfect blend of components I needed, and it came at a time when I decided that I was finally ready to be successful.”


After talking with her doctor, Kelly decided to try Profile to tackle the weight loss goals she’d been trying to reach for years. She realized quickly that Profile was different from other “fad diets.”

“I liked that the plan was developed by doctors and cared about my overall health. It was obvious that the goal was to help me change my lifestyle both before and after weight loss. It didn’t feel like another ‘get-rich-at-my-expense’ scheme.”


The Coaching Difference

“The first few days on the plan were a bit tough,” she admits, “but a huge reason why I have had success on this program is the coaching staff. It was like I had my own personal cheer team every time I came through the door. During my good days, I got encouragement and support. And when difficult days came, my coaches were there to guide, listen and confirm all my feelings. It was an amazing way to personalize the plan and a constant reminder that I’m worth the effort in making a positive life change.”


Kelly’s coaches also helped her learn new habits to set herself up for success.

“I quickly found that planning ahead was my key to success. I would pre-cook meals, pre-cut vegetables, prepare my lunches ahead of time or even scope out restaurants online to plan my dinner options,” she says.

“I also realized my old patterns and bad habits, like not eating lunch in a timely fashion. This helped me learn not to sabotage myself and think of food as fuel. It was no longer about indulging – it was about keeping my tank full.”


“My biggest successes are still unfolding.”


For Kelly, hitting her goal weight will be just the beginning of a changed life.

“I am a smaller size than I was in high school, and I’m overwhelmed by the positive comments I have received since I started the plan*,” she says. “I carry myself differently than I used to. My body doesn’t hurt, I don’t feel ‘old’ anymore, and I don’t feel like I need to hide my body under extra big and blousy clothes*.”


Beyond looking and feeling better, Kelly’s overall health has improved both medically and mentally.

“Losing weight has increased my lifespan substantially, and I passed the BMI test* for my husband’s insurance goal for the first time in the history of ever! And it’s spread to other areas of my life; I’ve reached out for additional counseling to reassess big decisions in my life and consider career moves. I want my changes to stick, so I’m doing everything I can to reinforce what I’ve learned along my journey.”


All of these changes have led Kelly to a new weight and outlook on life, which means one bright future.

“I’m not even quite to my goal yet, but I’ve experienced so much positive change. My biggest successes are still unfolding.”

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