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Getting Healthy as a Promise to her Late Daughter

Holly Charlesworth’s daughter would be so proud. That is a sentiment Holly clings to as she gets healthy with Profile in memory of her daughter Mandy, who passed away from stage 4 breast cancer in 2018. 

“She made me promise I would lose weight and get healthy, and now I’m fulfilling that promise.”

Starting her health journey

During a conversation with a neighbor who works for Profile, Holly remembered her promise and jumped at the opportunity to focus her profound loss on something positive. She has now lost almost 40 pounds* and is on her way to a healthier life. “It took my focus off my grief and on to getting healthy. I’m getting back into life. God knew what I needed.”

Wanting a healthier life was not a new thing for Holly. “I had done other plans, and I ended up giving away a bunch of food I didn’t like.” That isn’t the case with Profile. Holly loves the food, including the Banana Cream Pie Shakes, Instant Spaghetti Noodles, and Caramel Pecan Protein Bars.

Because of Profile, Holly has learned how to portion her food correctly. “I’ve 

changed the way I look at food and my habits. I won’t ever go back to my old ways of eating. I will keep going forward to keep losing and feeling better and healthier.” Life is drastically different now, especially as Holly focuses time on her grandchildren. “I feel healthier, and I have more energy.”

It’s never too late to get healthy

Holly has no plans to stop her health journey. “It’s not about being skinny. I want to be healthy.” Her husband has had diabetes for more than 40 years, and her healthy lifestyle has rubbed off on him as well. Holly encourages people that it is never too late in life to get healthy. “Never give up. Find something you love and stick with it. If you mess up, you’ve got tomorrow. Every day is a new beginning.”

It’s even more poignant now as Holly celebrates the life of her daughter in both small and big moments. Recently, it was a big moment as Holly’s granddaughter got married. She felt Mandy that day. “She inspired us all with her heart and grace in her battle with cancer. I’m a preacher’s daughter and I believe that if they see us from Heaven, they see the good moments. I felt like she was there, and I know she’s proud of me.”

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