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Greg and Jolene Profile weight loss success story

Greg & Jolene’s Story: A Healthier, Happier Family

From Skeptic to Believer

Greg and Jolene Parks began their Profile journey just over a year ago while Greg was having lunch with a friend at a local pizza parlor. Greg’s friend had opted for the salad bar as she mentioned she was on Profile. Because of the numerous fad diets and weight loss scams, Greg was hesitant at first but his interest was sparked as she told him more about the program.

“I was shocked, and that was my eye opener that maybe I need to check out Profile. You see a lot of weight loss scams,” said Greg. “What sold me was the fact Profile is backed by Sanford Health System. I love this idea of being proactive about my health vs reactive and having to take medications.”

When Greg told his wife Jolene about Profile, she was just as skeptical as Greg initially was, but she was convinced that this was something they needed to do for them and their family.

“It was time for us to make some changes. We had tried doing things on our own, but they never worked. It was a personal decision to get healthy and lose weight that translated into decisions that benefitted our entire family,” said Jolene.

Seeing the Results

Because Greg and Jolene were committed to the plan and it’s success, they began seeing results right away. Greg was eager to exercise extra to see faster results, but learned it was best to stick to the plan to prevent the body from being removed from ketosis (a normal metabolic process your body does to keep working. When it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns fat instead).

Jolene was also seeing results quickly. “When my clothes started to get baggy is when it really made an impact. Shopping was no longer a stressor. I also liked how routine the plan was and that it was easy to follow. I could travel with it, eat out successfully, and stay on track. It’s the perfect solution for a working mom, someone with a busy/hectic lifestyle.”

Coaching is Key

As Greg and Jolene continued on their plans, they began seeing the importance of their coaches. They realized their coach was key to help keep them on track, and they didn’t want to let their coach down. They felt encouraged and challenged by their coach and became more conscience about the foods they were eating.

“Being new to a health eating plan was hard to adopt. My coach was able to offer advice and help me think about what I was eating,” said Greg. “Since there was not a Profile office close to our house we did the program remotely. That worked out well. I still felt connected to my coach since I could email her with my questions vs having to wait until our weekly call.”

Healthy Family. Happy Family

What motivated Greg and Jolene most, was making the change as a family. They learned what to takes to be healthy and eat well. They take pride in knowing that their family is healthier. The choices they made have trickled down to their children and now see their children making smarter, healthier, choices.

“I feel our biggest success is the fact that overall we’re a healthier family. It’s not that we’ve lost weight, but that we’ve impacted and changed the thinking of our children. As a family, we lead healthier lives; we walk more, run a 5k, bike distances (15-35 miles at a time), and we’re all around much more active than we were a year ago*,” said Jolene. “This has not only been an easy to follow, quick results, awesome, supportive program…but I’ve learned so much about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating a balance in my life. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and that collectively we’ve made as a family.”