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Finding the Right Formula: Shannon’s Story

Shannon Reynolds had tried other weight loss programs. They all had one thing in common. None of them helped her find success in losing weight.

But then a conversation between coworkers changed it all. Shannon listened as they discussed Profile, and the upcoming Black Friday specials.

Starting with Profile

Intrigued by what she heard, Shannon joined Profile at the beginning of December 2014.

“I was turning 40, and I knew it was time to finally get my life moving in a healthier direction,” Shannon recalls. “I needed to do it for me, my husband and my three children. I was ready to make a change.”

Since she started, she’s never looked back, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I’ve lost 107 pounds* since starting Profile,” Shannon says. “I finally found success.”

Trusting the Plan

She contributes her success to her strong commitment to make a change, the support from her coach, and the simplicity of the program. With notable weight loss in her very first week on the plan, Shannon’s motivation was quickly ignited.

“I realized that this WOULD work,” she says. “All I had to do was simply stick to the plan provided for me.”

With a plan designed just for her, Shannon didn’t worry about what or when to eat. It was mapped out specifically to meet her needs, based on her goals and lifestyle.

“It was so easy to follow, and my coach was there to offer tips to avoid obstacles or challenges that might trip me up,” Shannon says. “Profile takes the guess work out of eating healthy. I never really knew what I should eat, or how much. But all of those concerns were erased. I simply followed the plan, and the weight came off.”

Reaping the Rewards

Now with 100 less pounds to carry*, Shannon is enjoying life in a whole new way. The differences can be felt internally and seen externally.

“I am less tired, feel more confident and just am, overall, a lot happier,” she says. “Now going on walks or riding bikes with my son isn’t overwhelming, but instead quite enjoyable.”

The number on Shannon’s scale wasn’t the only thing to get smaller. At her checkup with her primary care physician, Shannon was pleased to see healthier results in her cholesterol, body mass index, blood pressure and ever her resting pulse.

“Before losing the weight, my resting pulse was usually around 100 or higher sometimes – which was NOT good,” Shannon says. “Now, my pulse is around 55 or 60*, that is a huge difference.”

Inspiring Others

Shannon didn’t always see herself as an inspiration, but it wasn’t long before her success caused others to tackle their own weight and health issues with the help of Profile.

“I remember when my neighbor came up to me and said he was inspired by my success,” she recalls. “That made me feel so good to know I was able to help others get on the path toward a healthier life.”

Shannon’s neighbor did join Profile, and has found success in losing weight. Some of her coworkers have also joined, or have shown interest because of the changes they’ve witnessed in Shannon.

“And the discounts you get as a Sanford employee definitely help,” Shannon adds. “As an employee, I don’t know why you wouldn’t give it a chance.”

Now Shannon has started to incorporate more walking, lifting weights and even running. Her goal is to lose approximately 35 more pounds and try to run her very first 5K.

“I know it sounds so cliché, but if I can do it, ANYONE can do it,” says Shannon. “Profile is a great opportunity for anyone in our Sanford family struggling to regain a healthier lifestyle. Now’s the time to finally make a change for the better.”

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