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Weight Loss Success for a Mom and her Daughters

One individual’s weight loss success always has a ripple effect. That is how Janelle Van Riesen’s journey with Profile started. During a doctor visit, Janelle noticed her doctor had lost significant weight. Her doctor shared how she did so with Profile.

“Right away, I told my friend about it,” Janelle said. “My friend started. I got cold feet.”

Courage to start her weight loss

After seeing her friend’s 50-pound* weight loss, Janelle decided to join Profile.

“I wanted to do this for me because I felt tired way too often for being in my 40s. When I went for short walks or did little things, I was winded. I’m also a teacher who works with first graders, so I need more energy.”


More energy is exactly what Janelle found after losing more than 70 pounds* with Profile. Life is a lot different for her with the weight gone.

“I love to go on long walks. I even enjoy playing and jump roping, now and then, at recess time with my first graders.”


A mother follows in her daughter’s footsteps

Janelle’s weight loss was inspiring to her mother, who also struggled to gain control of her health. At 78, Janet Renes had trouble with mobility and the extra weight she carried.

“I couldn’t stand for very long, and I was always looking for something to lean up against. I saw what Janelle was doing and that it was working.”


After Janet joined Profile, with the help of her coach, she was able to lose 106 pounds.*

“I can walk better, I can stand longer, and people notice. My mobility is the greatest achievement.” Janet lost her husband six years ago, and the motivation to cook for one person was a challenge until she joined Profile. “I like the simplicity and the food. It just fit my lifestyle.”

A health coach can provide you support, feedback, and education. Read to learn the full benefits of hiring one.


Weight loss opens new doors

The program has opened doors to new experiences – like wearing her daughter’s hand-me-down clothes.

“It’s introduced me to things I would never have worn,” she said, laughing. “I would think, ‘Oh, I’m too old for that.’ Then I would try it and like it.”


Janet also discovered new ways to do old hobbies.

“I love to garden. Before, I would have to take a chair with me to sit and rest my sore back and catch my breath every few minutes. This summer was a different experience. I could be outside, tending to, and enjoying my garden as long as I liked without a chair. I may be a great-grandma, but that doesn’t mean I want to sit in a rocking chair.”


Janelle is encouraged by her mother’s journey as well, and the two share a variety of recipes and ideas.

“I love that my mom saw in me something she could also attain. I am so proud of how Mom has persevered. She is getting around so much better than before. Walking distances were hard and out of the question for her. Now, I can’t believe how active and mobile she is.”

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A healthy role model for others

Janelle is grateful to serve as a role model for her mom, much like that initial visit to the doctor’s office inspired her. She also encouraged her sister to start the program. Janelle’s sister did and has lost 70 pounds*.

Healthy living and weight loss success is a commitment, Janelle adds, but always worth it.

“I do tell people that you have to want it. Are some weeks harder than others? Sure, but that is with all of life.” Her mother reminds people of the larger picture. “My mom didn’t like it when people asked about ‘her diet.’ She would share with them it’s not a diet, it’s making life changes.”


At Profile, we like to bring your friends and family into your journey for the support they offer. Sometimes, you may find it scary, difficult, or impossible to bring up certain thoughts with your “support” system. Real social support should help you achieve and maintain your goals, so it is important to get real about social support and examine the role it plays in your journey. Read more about social support and how those you are closest to impact your journey.


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