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Couple Loses 180 Pounds Together

Watching her husband get healthy was more gratifying for Lauren Monroe than her own successful weight loss journey. “Watching his confidence grow, seeing him feel good, and, really, just back to his old self, it’s better than your own journey.” As a couple, Lauren and her husband, Braden, saw incredible weight loss with the Profile Plan program. Lauren has lost almost 60 pounds* and Braden has lost 120 pounds*.

Life before their weight loss as a couple

Lauren decided she wanted to make a change in her health when she realized her healthy habits had gone out of the window in the throes of graduate school. “I’d get up in the morning and not be happy with myself, the way I looked and the way my clothes were fitting. We decided we needed to get back to healthy habits.”

It was Braden who first connected with Profile after watching several co-workers find success with the program. He pitched the idea to his wife, and they decided to leap together. “It’s been a game-changer to do this together,” said Braden.

He has always been active – playing soccer and doing jump rope workouts. His eating habits, however, never lined up with his exercise. “I was working out and still eating poorly.”

Motivating each other to get healthy

The couple found strength in doing the weight loss journey together. “It was such a game-changer to do this together,” Braden said. “We’re both on the same page.” Sometimes, that’s as simple as counting on the other to steer them toward a healthy choice. “We’d tell each other we’re not going to get the nachos. We don’t need the ice cream.”

Those consistent decisions mean their life now looks and feels different. They play golf, take walks, and exude a different kind of confidence. And their transformation didn’t go unnoticed. Both of their mothers started Profile health journeys after watching the couple stick to their healthy habits. “It’s so rewarding to see other people getting healthy too,” Lauren said.


Their life after weight loss together

Lauren is a high school Spanish teacher, and it felt great to greet students after they hadn’t seen her for a few months. “Every single year, one of the students would ask if I’m pregnant because of the way I carried my weight. Not this year. They all kept saying how good I look and that they were proud of me.”

Her pant sizes steadily dropped from a 16 to a 10 to a 6. “I got out that six, and they slid on. You always keep smaller sizes and think you’ll get back into them. Putting on those pants and zipping them up was the best feeling ever.”

For Braden, the difference he feels now when he takes to the soccer field is drastic. “My body doesn’t hurt, and I can play better and longer.”

Lauren knows what it’s like to stand on the verge of changing to healthy habits, and her advice is straight-forward. “Do it! It’s going to be worth it. Life and health are so important. The process is a journey, but do it and stick to it.” Braden agreed. “It was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a couple.”



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