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Jess: I Have Been Changing Lives with Profile for 6 Years

We sat down with certified health coach and store manager, Jessica W. from Maple Grove, MN, to get her perspective on what it's been like working as a Profile Coach.

Jess has been with Profile for six years and has had the opportunity to change 300 lives while coaching out of 4 different locations in Minnesota.

Continue reading Jess' journey with Profile.

What is Your Background?

Jess is from Albertville, MN outside of the Twin Cities. Growing up, Jess was an athlete and always had an interest in health and wellness. She graduated in 2016 from MSU in Moorhead, MN majoring in psychology with a minor in strength and conditioning.


When Did You Start with Profile?

Profile has been a well-known name in the Fargo-Moorhead area ever since the company began. Right after graduation, in 2016, she started as a part-time coach at the Moorhead, MN location. She has had the opportunity to coach out of four Minnesota locations and is now the Maple Grove Store Operations Manager.


Why Do You Love Being a Profile Coach?

"The best part about Profile is transforming lives." 

Jess lives for those "AHA" moments when members finally realize that they have the ability to change their lives for the better. She loves being able to support members every step of their journey and loves to celebrate with them as they reach their milestones. Another thing she loves about Profile is the 3D body scans,

she said,

“our 3D body scans are so unique, it’s been amazing to watch the members see their side-by-side comparison.”


How Many Lives Have You Impacted?

Throughout her coaching journey, Jess has impacted nearly 300 members in some aspect. She said, “Maple Grove currently has over 300 engaged members.” In her management role, she doesn’t necessarily do many 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but she continues to impact members through the coaches that she manages.


What Has Been Your Greatest Experience While Working at Profile?

One of the greatest experiences of being a Profile Coach is the ability to change lives every day. 

“I take great pride in my team, my coaches, and members.”

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