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Being Able to Help Members Find Food That They Love Has Been Rewarding

We sat down with certified health coach, Bonnie H. from Sioux Falls, SD, to get her perspective on what it's been like working as a Profile Coach.

Bonnie has been with Profile for three and a half years and loves being able to help members eat healthily and find foods that they love.

Continue reading Bonnie's journey with Profile.

What is Your Background?

Bonnie has been a personal trainer and fitness coach, as well as, a wellness director at a large company where she ran the fitness center for employees for seven years. She has been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years. Bonnie has always been interested in nutrition and wanted to help people eat and exercise better. Eating healthy and finding the right foods has always been important to her. Before she paid attention to the food she put into her body, she would have numerous inflammatory issues. She then started reading up on whole foods and healthy eating and started to eliminate the foods that bothered her.


When Did You Start with Profile?

Bonnie started with Profile three and a half years ago. She saw the position available and wanted to help others change the way they look at food.


Why Do You Love Being a Profile Coach?

Bonnie loves being a Profile coach because she gets to meet people from all different backgrounds.

She says,

“I love being able to help them find foods that they love, and also find new ways to cook their favorite foods.”

When starting a health and weight loss journey, many don’t realize that you don’t need to eliminate all your favorite foods as there are many healthier ways to cook your favorites.


How Many Lives Have You Impacted?

Bonnie has helped several members change their life with Profile.

She says,

“when they are ready to change their lives and walk through the door at Profile, it’s emotional, but a great experience.”


What Has Been Your Greatest Experience While Working at Profile?

Bonnie remembers meeting a member at their first 1-on-1 coaching session, he told her that he didn’t have any inflammatory issues. Throughout his journey, he went back to Bonnie and said, “remember the first time you coached me, and I told you that I didn’t have any inflammatory issues?” He realized that he did have some of those issues but didn’t realize it until he started to eat better.

“He learned to listen to his body and didn’t realize that he had these issues until he ate better and started feeling good.”

Being able to change lives and help people eat better has been very rewarding for Bonnie.

Let’s get you started on your lifestyle change!

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