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7 Jaw Dropping Profile Weight Loss Transformations

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If you are thinking about starting your own health and wellness journey, it can be very inspiring to see before and after photos showing weight loss transformations. We are so #ProfileProud of our members consistency in showing up for themselves and learning new strategies to deal with the challenges and life bumps that are inevitable during a weight loss journey. These before and after photos don't even begin to show the full mental and behavioral transformations our members undergo.


Simple, Satisfying & Sustainable Weight Loss

At Profile we focus on the wholistic wellness journey and education to help create lasting, healthy behaviors. Along the way, we also provide the support of a health coach that is there as an ally throughout your weight loss journey. With our ongoing support and flexible meal plans that help maximize results, we have helped our members lose over 3 million pounds to date!


Amber and Nathan's Before & After:


Between the two of these amazing members, 125+ pounds have been lost and more to come! 

"Nathan has been so encouraging on this journey and having such an amazing support system helps me stay on track and crush my goals!! We aren't on the same plan, but ours run parallel to each other so we can help each other and find a lot of fun new things to make together!"


Brenda's Before & After:


After recently turning 50, Brenda was ready for a challenge. She decided to focus on her health and work towards the goal of losing 50 pounds.

"Almost there…49 pounds lost! I am happy with my progress and look forward to the journey through the summer and seeing where I end up with my goals. I am not perfect on the plan but I wouldn’t be where I am now without it."


Anthony's Before & After:


After a year of hard work and dedication, Anthony lost over 100 pounds!

"OMG!!! It finally happened! I can say for the first time I’m down 100 lbs since starting on plan with Profile. Not only have I learned so much but I have been able to walk this journey with my members as well! Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far!! I went from a very depressed and dark state throughout 2020 and was so blessed to have found Profile."


Crystal's Before & After:


While Crystal is still working towards her goal, she was able to celebrate a huge non-scale victory (NSV) - completing the Spartan race.

"I attended my first Spartan race 6 years ago as support for a friend. I recall watching them start the race and running up a large incline and I told myself "oh heck no, there is no way I would ever do that, I would die going up that hill." Fast forward 6 years and I did it. I also had a lot of challenges in the days leading up to the race. My son was supposed to go with us. Long story short I was leaning to him to be my biggest supporter in regards to the athletic mentality (my hubby is not to savvy in that area). So I was upset when he didn't come after talking about it for 2 months. The day of the race my running partner messaged me and said he might not make our start time because he was also running the 10k and they put him in a later wave for that run. I had to really break thru a lot of mental and emotional barriers to get out there and complete the run on my own. After I got done I had a message from my running partner and he got done just before our start time and was looking for me. Since I was going it alone I decided to just jump in with the wave that was 15 mins earlier, had I waited for my start time I would have had a running partner."


Sherri's Before & After:


Sherri join Profile around 3 years ago and says her life has changed for the better since putting more focus on her health.

"I wouldn’t trade a moment of every step I took to get to a healthier, happier version of myself. I love to hike but in the past, I had to stop to catch my breath and rest after less than a .25 of a mile. Now I am able to walk a 2 or more mile hike and not be out of breath or exhausted!! This is what a healthy lifestyle and following the Profile plan can do!! Don’t give up!"


Cristy's Before & After:


"Face Off Friday. Oh boy. That first picture was taken shortly after we moved to Lincoln, NE in 2004. I was 40 and eating like a 20 year old. And I basically continued in that vein for another decade plus. I signed up with Profile a couple years ago, and while I am not the most consistent, I have managed to keep myself on plan for a week or so at a time. And then each time I restart, I get better at making better choices. I’m not eating dessert after every meal. I’m not eating fast food three times a day. I love the shakes. I love the oatmeal raisin bars. But I really like that I’m growing in adjusting to the nutrient needs of my body and in turn my body is shedding its stores and my cholesterol levels are down, down, down. We can do this!"


David's Before & After:


After facing many challenges, David never gave up. His perseverance has paid off and his victories are endless!

"I will have been with Profile for 3 years this month. I initially lost over 100 lbs by my 1yr anniversary. Then I got a little loosely-goosey and gained some back, then re-lost most of that. And then last year in July I tore my Achilles a week before marrying my love, Jennifer Sidler …. now we’re officially #teamdavifer … then surgery a week later kept me stuck mostly in bed for a month. A lack of the ability to exercise during that bedrest seriously affected my mood and I turned food. And then there was a hernia surgery in December and a total knee replacement in March this year. Knowing I was having that knee surgery in a couple of months, I decided to really get serious about getting back on track again and in the best shape I could. I recommitted to my Profile plan and lost about 30 lbs since December. My recovery time from the knee replacement was amazing and I was on my exercise bike within about two weeks. Now I’m riding 10 miles a day. Anyway, right now I’m down 93 lbs total and I’m within about 10 lbs of my previous low weight. I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but Profile has given me the tools and mindset to succeed. I just have to use them. Wishing alone doesn’t work. You have to put the tools to work. But I think this is visible proof that they DO work when you use them."


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